The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 43. The future of the Middle Pleistocene: New evidence from the Sima de los Huesos (Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain). Invited Podium Symposium. Chair: Rolf M. Quam

March 28, 2015 , Grand Ballroom C Add to calendar

The Middle Pleistocene time period is characterized by considerable debate among researchers, with taxonomic and phylogenetic questions centering around evolutionary relationships between European and African fossils and the origins of both the Neandertals and modern humans. Nevertheless, these debates have been hampered by a widely-scattered and poorly-dated hominin fossil record. The current symposium focuses on the evidence from the large fossil assemblage from the Sima de los Huesos in the Sierra de Atapuerca in northern Spain and addresses a number of the most relevant issues regarding fossil hominin morphology, taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships during this time period. This site offers the unique opportunity to study the skeletal remains of a single, well-dated and contemporaneous Pleistocene population and, importantly, provides critical evidence from both the skull and the postcranial skeleton. An argument is made that this collection is critical for understanding and clarifying the course of human evolution in Europe during this time period.

8:00 Add to calendar Geological and taphonomic aspects of the Sima de los Huesos site. Nohemi Sala, Arantza Aranburu, Juan Luis Arsuaga.
8:15 Add to calendar Metric analysis of the Sima de los Huesos crania. Ana Pantoja-pérez, Ignacio Martínez, Juan Luis Arsuaga.
8:30 Add to calendar Estimation of the endocranial capacity of the Sima de los Huesos hominins. Eva-María Poza-Rey, Juan-Luis Arsuaga.
8:45 Add to calendar The phylogenetic position of Homo heidelbergensis. Yoel Rak, William L. Hylander.
9:00 Add to calendar Dental remains from the Sima de los Huesos. María Martinón-Torres, José María Bermúdez de Castro.
9:15 Add to calendar The vertebral column and thorax in the Middle Pleistocene: the case of the Sima de los Huesos. Asier Gómez-Olivencia, Juan Luis Arsuaga.
9:30 Add to calendar An overall picture of the pelvis of the hominins from the Middle Pleistocene Sima de los Huesos site (Spain). Alejandro Bonmatí, Juan Luis Arsuaga.
9:45 Add to calendar Ontogenetic aspects of the femur from the Sima de los Huesos site (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain). Rebeca García-González, José Miguel Carretero, Laura Rodríguez, Juan Luis Arsuaga.
10:00 Break
10:15 Add to calendar Two feet from the same individual from the Middle Pleistocene site of Sima de los Huesos. Adrián Pablos, Carlos Lorenzo, Juan Luis Arsuaga.
10:30 Add to calendar Estimated body parameters of the Sima de los Huesos hominins. Jose Miguel Carretero, Laura Rodriguez, Rebeca García-González, Juan Luis Arsuaga.
10:45 Add to calendar Phylogenetic analysis of the Sima de los Huesos hominins and evolutionary patterns in the Middle Pleistocene. Juan Luis Arsuaga, Ignacio Martínez, Ana Gracia-Tellez, Rolf M. Quam.
11:00 Add to calendar Neandertal / Modern Human Lineage Divergence Time. Jean-Jacques Hublin.
11:15 Discussion: Erik Trinkaus