The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 46. Paleoneurology. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Shawn Hurst

March 28, 2015 , Grand Ballroom A/B Add to calendar
11:15 Add to calendar The New and Old in Hominid Brain Evolution: Why Paleoneurology Needs the Lunate Sulcus. Ralph L. Holloway, Shawn D. Hurst, D C. Broadfield, Tom Schoenemann.
11:30 Add to calendar The New and the Old in Hominid Brain Evolution, Part II: Why Paleoneurology Needs A Chimpanzee Brain Atlas. Shawn D. Hurst, Ralph L. Holloway, Tom Schoenemann, Doug C. Broadfield, Kevin D. Hunt.
11:45 Add to calendar Estimated total time spent in social play prior to adulthood is strongly associated with brain size in primates. P. Thomas Schoenemann.