The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 49. Engaging Research Communities: Collaborating and Translating Research in Biological Anthropology. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Felicia C. Madimenos

March 28, 2015 , Archview Ballroom Add to calendar

The field of biological anthropology inherently involves researcher interaction with human, ancestral hominin, and non-human primate communities/populations in order to address questions pertinent to our specific subareas. An essential, though often tangential component to conducting research with/in any community, involves the process of including and engaging the local populations in study regions while translating and disseminating research findings in an accessible and sustainable way. While these modes of engagement will be undoubtedly regionally, culturally, and community-specific, there is nonetheless minimal discussion among biological anthropologists regarding outreach and how we have enhanced participant/community agency and translated scientific knowledge in our research sites. This symposium provides a forum for researchers across subdisciplines to present on the creative ways they have engaged the research communities they work in/with and furthermore, shaped opportunities that potentially empower communities to participate in and affect decisions about the research process and future research directions.

Discussion: Leslie Aiello
1 Add to calendar The Maya Project: Engaging Maya communities and the general public in research through art and multimedia outputs. Maria Ines Varela-Silva, Barry Bogin, Hugo Azcorra, Maria Luisa Avila, Maria Teresa Castillo, Simon Richardson, Federico Dickinson.
2 Add to calendar Accomplishing broader impact through secondary school teacher workshops in Arusha, Tanzania. Leslea J. Hlusko, Whitney B. Reiner, Jackson K. Njau, Felista F. Mangalu.
3 Add to calendar Local people and the ethics and economics of habituating primates. Michel T. Waller, Frances J. White.
4 Add to calendar Shuar Health and Life History Project: Varieties of collaborative research and the translation of scientific research in Amazonian Ecuador. Felicia C. Madimenos, Lawrence S. Sugiyama.
5 Add to calendar Local Populations, Bioanthropological Research and the Promotion of Public Health in Amazonia. Hilton P. Silva.
7 Add to calendar Partners in research? The complex challenge of engaging Toba/Qom people in human biology studies. Claudia R. Valeggia.