The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 53. Forensic anthropology and taphonomy. Contributed Posters. Chair: Frank Rühli

March 28, 2015 , Gateway Ballroom 2/3/4/5 Add to calendar

7:30 - 8:00 Poster set-up.  5:30 - 6:00 Poster take-down.

Even numbered poster authors present for discussion 10:00-10:30 and 4:45-5:3-

Odd numbered poster authors present for discussion 10:30-11:00 and 5:00-5:45

1 Add to calendar 3D Geometric Morphometric Analysis of the Tibial Plateau for Sex Determination. Kaitlin McGuire.
2 Add to calendar Skeletal age estimation for adults: Long-standing problems, recent developments, and a solution. Sara M. Getz, George R. Milner, Jepser L. Boldsen.
3 Add to calendar Evaluation of mastoid process as a sex indicator using geometric morphometrics. Hyunwoo Jung, Eun Jin Woo, Sunyoung Pak.
4 Add to calendar Sex Estimation from Juvenile Human Crania: A Validation of Gonzalez (2012). Michala KS. Schaye.
5 Add to calendar The human glenoid morphology – a comparative cadaver based study. Marco Burkhard, Sandra Mathews, Karl Link, Inge Franke, Gareth Harper, Ford Quereshi, Hans Bloch, Oliver Ullrich, Elisabeth Eppler, Frank Rühli.
6 Add to calendar Age Estimation from Osteoarthritis of the Shoulder in Modern North Americans. Ashley L. Brennaman, Kim Love-Myers, Jonathan D. Bethard, James T. Pokines.
7 Add to calendar Analysis of human rib fracture mode. Diana L. Messer, Victoria M. Dominguez, Amanda M. Agnew.
8 Add to calendar Sex determination from the human sacrum: A re-assessment. Aileen Fernandez, David R. Hunt.
9 Add to calendar Variation in Osseous Histological Features in a Sample of Early Twentieth Century Americans. Robert A. Walker, Kristi Mennitto.
10 Add to calendar A revised method for estimating age-at-death from palatal sutures using Bayesian statistics. Samantha M. Hens, Kanya Godde.
11 Add to calendar Body Height of Mummified Pharaohs Supports Historical Suggestions of Sibling Marriages. Michael Habicht, Maciej Henneberg, Lena Oehrstroem, Kaspar Staub, Frank Rühli.
12 Add to calendar Correlations among morphoscopic traits in peoples of the Pacific. Melody D. Ratliff.
13 Add to calendar Sexual dimorphism of the femur in an Austrian population from the 19th and 20th century. Fabian Kanz, Christine Fitzl, Florian Frommlet.
14 Add to calendar Stature estimation from modern Southeast Asian skeletal remains: Placing the data in context . Jesse R. Goliath, Marissa C. Stewart, Panya Tuamsuk.
15 Add to calendar Coding and Quantifying Traits on the Skull Used in Ancestry Estimations in Forensic Anthropology: Results from a Midwestern Amerindian Cemetery. Aaron M. Durchholz, Susan Dale. Spencer.
16 Add to calendar Success Rates of Sex Estimation by Forensic Anthropologists using Real-life Forensic Casework Data. Richard M. Thomas, Connie Parks, Adam Richard.
17 Add to calendar Determination of ancestry from the skeleton: The application of nine existing methods produces inconsistent results. Ingrid M. Sierp, Maciej Henneberg.
18 Add to calendar A digital framework for managing research data in skeletal collections. Felix Engel, Stefan Schlager.
19 Add to calendar The establishment of the Chinese Human Skeleton database based on the FileMaker. Ningning Liang, Qun Zhang, Zhichao Sun, Lin Guo, Quanchao Zhang, Hong Zhu.
20 Add to calendar Extra-large upper molar cusp 5 or double metacone?. Andrea Cucina.
21 Add to calendar The consequence of the global supermarket on the isotope signatures of modern humans. Monica M. Warner, Nicholas P. Herrmann, Zheng-Hua Li, Willa R. Trask, Laura A. Regan, Richard L. Jantz.
22 Add to calendar Preparing calcined bone for strontium isotope analyses: A modification to standard methods. Deborah Graham, Denise Honn.
23 Add to calendar Undocumented border crosser deaths in Florida: Preliminary results. Amanda N. Friend.
24 Add to calendar Comparing avian and terrestrial scavenging evidence and addressing why the Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway) steals bones. Lauren R. Pharr, Michael Leitner, Mary H. Manhein.
25 Add to calendar The Boars of Summer: Estimating Time-Since-Burial in Southwest Florida. Matthew D. Rolland, Serrin B. Boys, Heather Walsh-Haney.
26 Add to calendar African American Cemeteries: The Tragedy of Overlooking the Marginalized. Samantha A. Wade, B.A., Heather Walsh-Haney, Ph.D..
27 Add to calendar Wet Grave Deadspace: Spatial Analysis of Cemeteries within New Orleans. Sarah A. Boncal.
28 Add to calendar Experimentation of cut marks on bones: Reconstructing the force applied and type of weapon. Caitlin L. Humphrey, Maciej Henneberg.
29 Add to calendar Experimental Assessment: Heavy Bladed Tool Mark Analysis in Relation to Dismemberment and Its Implications for Forensic Identification. Melanie L. Highsmith, Robert R. Paine.
30 Add to calendar Fluvial Transport of Human Remains in the Three Rivers of Allegheny County, PA. Sara M. Kropp.
31 Add to calendar Rethinking the Forensic Anthropology Classroom: Pedagogy in the 21st Century. Serrin B. Boys, Matthew D. Rolland, Heather A. Walsh-Haney, Laura Frost.
32 Add to calendar Undergraduate Myth Busters: Records vs Reality of Osteological Materials. Lauren D. Goodman, Vincent Moloughney, Monica Faraldo, Linda Taylor.