The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 57. Paleoanthropology: Hominins, taxonomy and taphonomy. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Susane Cote

March 28, 2015 , Ballpark 1/2 Add to calendar
2:00 Add to calendar Estimating the relative abundance of Pliocene hominins in eastern Africa: implications for species distributions . Amelia Villaseñor, René Bobe.
2:15 Add to calendar Hip joint osteoarthritis in the MLD 46 (Australopithecus africanus) proximal femur. Martin Haeusler, Sabine Landis, Bernhard Zipfel.
2:30 Add to calendar Trabecular morphology at the talocalcaneal and calcaneocuboid joints in StW 352 (Australopithecus africanus) . Angel Zeininger, Kristian J. Carlson.
2:45 Add to calendar Evolvability and Autonomy of Limb Proportions in Homo and other Hominoids. John D. Polk, Scott A. Williams, Mark W. Grabowski, Charles C. Roseman.
3:00 Add to calendar Using Manual Phalangeal Curvature to Explore Locomotion in Extinct Hominoids. Stacey A. Matarazzo.
3:15 Add to calendar Species recognition among Lower Pleistocene fossil hominins based on distal humeral diaphyseal shape. Michael R. Lague.
3:30 Add to calendar Walking back the cat: Unsupervised classification as an aid in “remote” fossil prospecting. Glenn C. Conroy.
3:45 Add to calendar Mouse models for identifying hybridization in the hominin fossil record: preliminary results. Kerryn A. Warren, Terrence Ritzman, Christopher J. Percival, Benedikt Hallgrimsson, Rebecca R. Ackermann.
4:00 Add to calendar Unexpected results from the ventral side of the hominoid scapula. David J. Green, Ted A. Spiewak, Brielle C. Seitelman, Philipp Gunz.
4:15 Add to calendar Absence of evidence or evidence of absence? The role of sampling in fossil primate distribution patterns. Susanne Cote.
4:30 Add to calendar Gray matter in the left inferior parietal cortex is expanded in chimpanzees with greater skill at tool-use. Laura D. Reyes, Chet C. Sherwood, William D. Hopkins.
4:45 Add to calendar Leporids, landscapes, and the paleoenvironment: Stable isotope ratios of rabbit and hare bones reflect local environmental conditions at modern and archaeological sites. Andrew D. Somerville, Andrew W. Froehle, Margaret J. Schoeninger.