The 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2015)

Session 58. Human Biology. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Robin G Nelson

March 28, 2015 , Broadway Add to calendar
2:00 Add to calendar The Shuar Health and Life History Project: Childhood somatic resources, linear growth, and immune function among indigenous Amazonians. Samuel S. Urlacher, J. Josh. Snodgrass, Melissa A. Liebert, Tara J. Cepon-Robins, Theresa E. Gildner, Lawrence S. Sugiyama.
2:15 Add to calendar The Shuar Health and Life History Project: Testing the Hygiene Hypothesis—Soil-transmitted helminth infection and immune dysregulation among the Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador. Tara J. Cepon-Robins, Theresa E. Gildner, Melissa A. Liebert, Samuel S. Urlacher, Felicia C. Madimenos, J Josh Snodgrass, Lawrence S. Sugiyama.
2:30 Add to calendar Does early-life environment cause differences in costs of reproduction in a preindustrial human population?. Ilona Nenko, Adam D. Hayward, Mirre JP. Simons, Virpi Lummaa.
2:45 Add to calendar Testing competing ideas about the relationship between body shape and wellbeing using a global sample of infants and children. Craig A. Hadley, Daniel J. Hruschka.
3:00 Add to calendar Prenatal exposure to sex hormones in relation to sex hormones in women of reproductive age. Magdalena Klimek, Andrzej Galbarczyk, Heidi Colleran, Inger Thune, Peter T. Ellison, Anna Ziomkiewicz-Wichary, Grazyna Jasienska.
3:15 Add to calendar Access to electric light is associated with shorter sleep duration in Toba communities of the Argentinean Chaco. Horacio O. de la Iglesia, Eduardo Fernández-Duque, Norberto Lanza, Diego A. Golombek, Jeanne F. Duffy, Charles D. Czeisler, Claudia R. Valeggia.
3:30 Add to calendar Mapping language networks in the human brain. Ian D. George, David Q. Beversdorf, Kristina Aldridge.
3:45 Add to calendar Time, residential stability, and gender-specific growth changes in orphaned Jamaican children. Robin G. Nelson.
4:00 Add to calendar Greater family size is associated with less sleep among Tsimané parents . Gandhi Yetish, Jerome Siegel, Michael Gurven, Hillard Kaplan.
4:15 Add to calendar Life Expectancy Changes in the German Immigrant Population in Franklin County, Indiana: A Multigenerational Comparison. Meredith L. Reid, John H. Langdon.
4:30 Add to calendar An Enigma in the Wisdom: Puzzling through Predictors of Third Molar Agenesis. Katherine E. Carter, Steven Worthington.
4:45 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Stress and adrenarche among Aka foragers, Ngandu horticulturalists, and Sidama agropastoralists. Courtney Helfrecht.