The 85th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2016)

Session 30. Human Skeletal Biology: Functional Studies. Contributed Posters. Chair: David Agoada

April 15, 2016 , Atrium Ballroom A/B Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Trabecular bone density in recent modern humans . Habiba Chirchir, Christopher B. Ruff.
2 Add to calendar Spatial Patterning (or lack thereof) in Osteon Population Density in the Human Rib. Timothy P. Gocha, Victoria M. Dominguez, Amanda M. Agnew.
3 Add to calendar Sealed osteons do not increase in the human femur with aging or in association with a total hip replacement. Madison S. Doutre, Micheal G. Adondakis, Roy D. Bloebaum, John G. Skedros.
4 Add to calendar Histological age determination using the micro-anatomy of 3rd metatarsal and metacarpal bones. Heather Smith, Robert R. Paine, Joan A. Bytheway.
5 Add to calendar Do disparities in ex vivo strain data for the human fibula reflect heterogeneous load conditions or limitations of experimental designs?. Douglas J. Weaver, John G. Skedros.
6 Add to calendar Patterns of collagen fiber orientation in the human fibula middle-to-proximal diaphysis suggest a history of anterior-posterior bending and torsion consistent with “intermediate complexity” loading. John G. Skedros, Kendra E. Keenan.
7 Add to calendar Gape cycle kinematic variance and occlusal topography in modern humans. Myra F. Laird, Herman Pontzer.
8 Add to calendar Investigating the relationship between cranial superstructures and activity in modern humans. Alex M. Taylor, Heather M. Garvin.
9 Add to calendar A 2D Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Changes in the Basicranium in Relation to Trunk Posture in Mammals. Angela Peña.
10 Add to calendar Assessing the relationship between mandibular shape and endocranial volume. Sarah E. Edlund, Jeanelle Uy, Sarah E. Traynor, John Hawks.
11 Add to calendar Ancestral and Sex Differences in the Posterior Nasal Aperture. Jennifer Conley, Stephen Ousley.
12 Add to calendar A comparative analysis of upper limb cross-sectional properties in the Lake Mungo 3 skeleton from the Willandra Lakes, Australia. Ethan C. Hill, Osbjorn M. Pearson, Arthur C. Durband.
13 Add to calendar Clavicle length and shoulder breadth in hominoid evolution. Natalie M. Laudicina, Matt Cartmill.
14 Add to calendar Obesity-related cross-sectional changes in the femur due to body proportion changes. Rob'yn A. Johnston, Libby W. Cowgill.
15 Add to calendar Three-dimensional finite element analysis of femoral neck stress . Patricia Ann. Kramer, Adam D. Sylvester.
16 Add to calendar Femoral bone remodeling comparisons between adult males and females from medieval England. Justyna J. Miszkiewicz, Caroline Bennett, Sarah E. Johns, Patrick Mahoney.
17 Add to calendar Size-related and Demographic Effects on the Morphology of the Lateral Meniscal Notch of the Proximal Tibia. C. Kinley Russell.
18 Add to calendar Comparison of different quantitative data acquisition methods for the bony knee joint within the same sample. Sabrina Meyer, Dominic Gascho, Thomas Böni, Frank Rühli.
19 Add to calendar Exploring the relationship between radiographic and osteologic measurements of the human talus. David Agoada, Patricia A. Kramer.
20 Add to calendar Does a mobile foot become more rigid when walking?. Steven G. Lautzenheiser, Patricia A. Kramer.
21 Add to calendar Plantar pressure distribution in Pacific Island and Malagasy populations: implications of variation for the interpretation of the fossil record. Roshna E. Wunderlich.
22 Add to calendar The effect of natural substrate inclination on foot strike position in a habitually unshod population. Eve K. Boyle, Diane M. Bernardoni, Alaina L. Schneider.
23 Add to calendar Variation in Lateral Plantar Process Position and Functional Implications in Living Humans. Zane S. Swanson, Jeremy M. DeSilva, Eve K. Boyle, Kathleen M. Joseph, Ellison J. McNutt.
24 Add to calendar Social identity through the life-course at historical Middenbeemster: A biocultural approach. Celise Chilcote, Sabrina Agarwal.
25 Add to calendar Integration of contextual information with bioanthropological data from skeletal collections . Felix Engel, Stefan Schlager, Sabine Drotziger.
26 Add to calendar Femoral angles and cross-sectional geometry across subsistence economies. Stephanie L. Child, Libby W. Cowgill.