The 85th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2016)

Session 31. Skeletal Biology: Bioarchaeology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Nicholas P. Herrmann

April 15, 2016 , Atrium Ballroom A/B Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Childhood diet at medieval (1240s AD) Solt-Tételhegy, Hungary as reconstructed from stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analyses. Ariana D. Gugora, Tosha L. Dupras, Erzsébet Fóthi.
2 Add to calendar How Diet Influences Mortality: Dietary reconstruction of epidemic and non-epidemic populations in 19th century Italy. April K. Smith, Laurie J. Reitsema, Frank L. Williams, Antonio Fornaciari, Gino Fornaciari.
3 Add to calendar Fetal and infant health in prehistoric and colonial Ifugao. Alexis N. Francois, Adam Lauer.
4 Add to calendar Nutritional change following social change in Illyria (modern Albania). Codee J. Pfleiderer, Britney R. Kyle.
5 Add to calendar Isotopic profiling of diet, health, and mobility amongst the non-adult Gepid population buried at the Archuid Cemetery in Transylvania, Romania (4th – 7th centuries AD). Kayla D. Crowder, Janet Montgomery, Kori L. Filipek-Ogden, Jane Evans, Darren R. Gröcke.
6 Add to calendar Dietary trends in early medieval Croatia as evidenced by stable isotope analysis. Mario Novak, Rachel Howcroft, Ron Pinhasi, Mario Slaus.
7 Add to calendar Subsistence and mobility at Morton Shell Mound (16IB3): Analysis of femoral cross-sectional properties. Sarah M. Zaleski, Nicholas P. Herrmann.
8 Add to calendar Paleodiet of Rural and Urban Medieval English Populations: Further Studies of Extracting Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes from Dental Calculus. Emily A. Chamberlain, Simon R. Poulson, Carole Davenport, Carla Burrell, Silvia Gonzalez, G. Richard Scott.
9 Add to calendar Evidence of C4 plant intake and dietary heterogeneity in Late Prehistoric burial populations of Spain and Portugal. Anna J. Waterman, Pedro Díaz-del-Río, Robert H. Tykot.
10 Add to calendar Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios of anadromous fish: Is there a distinctive isotopic signature?. Carrin M. Halffman.
11 Add to calendar Investigating heterogeneity in diet across early Iron Age assemblages from Slovenia using stable isotopes. Hannah E C. Koon, Rebecca A. Nicholls.
12 Add to calendar An examination of biological distance between Late Woodland and Mississippian individuals using non-metric dental trait analysis. Katie Zejdlik.
13 Add to calendar Phenotypic variability, cemetery structure, and kinship in an early Iron Age mortuary complex at Wadi Fidan, Jordan. Aliya R. Hoff, Melanie M. Beasley, Christopher M. Stojanowski, Thomas E. Levy.
14 Add to calendar Morphological and genetic analysis of Nubian populations from the Early to Late Holocene. Kendra A. Sirak, Manon Galland, Daniel M. Fernandes, Dennis P. Van Gerven, Ron Pinhasi.
15 Add to calendar A Bioarchaeological Approach to Ancient Maya Social Organization at Copan, Honduras using Biodistance and Radiogenic Strontium Isotope Analysis. Katherine A. Miller Wolf.
16 Add to calendar On the edge of the empire: A craniometric analysis of group affinities from an Ottoman garrison in western Romania. Kathryn G. Allen, Noreen Von cramon-taubadel.
17 Add to calendar Biological relationships of the Early and Middle Neolithic of the Taiwan Strait using skulls and teeth. Adam J. Lauer.
18 Add to calendar High terrestrial mobility is geographically widespread among southern African Later Stone Age populations. Michelle E. Cameron, Jay T. Stock.
19 Add to calendar Bodies in motion: Isotopic analyses of mobility and diet at Marroquíes Bajos, Spain. Jess Beck, Marta Díaz-Zorita Bonilla.
20 Add to calendar Sorting the fragments and assessing the relationships of the Ayioi Omoloyites tombs of Hellenistic to Roman Period Cyprus. Nicholas P. Herrmann, Despo Pilides, Yiannis Violaris.
21 Add to calendar Cross-sectional geometry vs traditional indices: capturing tibial morphology as a means of studying mobility in the Nile Valley. Stacy L. Hackner, Daniel Antoine.
22 Add to calendar Musculoskeletal Stress Markers of Humerii from Two Lower Mississippi Valley Populations: Implications for Subsistence-Based Activity Patterns. Brian M. Thibodeaux.
23 Add to calendar Asymmetric Femoral Torsion Among the Oneota of Illinois. Anna Tremblay, Matthew Veres.
24 Add to calendar Does Industrialization Always Result in a Reduction in Skeletal Robusticity?. Joshua G.S. Clementz, Ann L. Magennis.
25 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Computerized cementochronology - taking the (16)bit between the teeth. Benoit Bertrand, José Ramos Magalhaes, Harold Phelippeau, François Germain, Stephan Naji, Thomas Colard.
26 Add to calendar Intentional Cranial Vault Modification and the Biomechanics of Head Balance. Jessica E. Rothwell.
27 Add to calendar Practical reality of taking semi-landmark data on archaeological human remains. Noriko Seguchi, Mary-Margaret Murphy, Shiori Yonemoto, Beatrix Dudzik.
28 Add to calendar Craniometric analysis of unaffiliated Native American remains from Texas . Courtney C. Siegert, Katherine Spradley, Alexis Goots, Michelle D. Hamilton.
29 Add to calendar Vertebral neural canal (VNC) diameters and their association with earlier age at death in a Medieval Polish population. Randee L. Hunter, Hedy M. Justus, Amanda M. Agnew.
30 Add to calendar Sex differences in dental caries in medieval Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Liam Zachary, Sarah Inskip, Andrea Waters, Menno Hoogland.
31 Add to calendar The influence of sex and allometry on subnasal prognathism in modern humans. Kate M. Lesciotto, Luis L. Cabo, Heather M. Garvin.
32 Add to calendar Variation in human lower limb morphology and the relative influence of neutral and selective evolutionary processes. Michael B. C. Rivera, Lia Betti, Jay T. Stock.
33 Add to calendar Central Saharan Population History as Inferred from Postcranial Limb Proportionality. Rebecca Bookman, Christopher Stojanowski.
34 Add to calendar The Degree of Limb Bones Asymmetry in Relation with Health and Environmental Stress in Medieval Lower Socioeconomic Society. Lenka Červenková, Lucie Bigoni, Ján Dupej, Petr Velemínský, Jana Velemínská.
35 Add to calendar Preliminary osteological analysis and stature estimates of adults in an early Medieval Prussian population at Bezławki, Poland. Marissa Ramsier, Ariel Gruenthal-Rankin, Arkadiusz Koperkiewicz, Marek Polcyn.
36 Add to calendar Analysis of Long Bone Osteometrics in a Commingled Skeletal Sample from a High Altitude Site in the Ancient Peruvian Andes. Karthik Yarlagadda, Tiffiny A. Tung.
37 Add to calendar Coalition frequencies in the feet of modern Thai. Laura A. Winters, Scott E. Burnett, D. Troy Case, Sittiporn Ruengdit, Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh.
38 Add to calendar Bioarchaeology of the Wall of the Crow Cemetery, Giza: Changes in the Levels of Systemic Stress from the Saite to the Roman Period. Jessica E. Kaiser.
39 Add to calendar Socioeconomic status, bioarchaeology, and space: Using ArcGIS to examine mortuary behavior in a medieval Italian cemetery. Marissa C. Stewart, Giuseppe Vercellotti, Julie S. Field.
40 Add to calendar Tracking adaptations in sexual dimorphism between subgroups of an historic population. Donna L. Harrison.
41 Add to calendar Sailors lost in time: A Pathological study of Dead Man's Island. Khrystyne E. Tschinkel.
42 Add to calendar Effects of X-ray microtomography on stable isotope values and sample quality. Laura E. Cirillo, Amy T. MacKinnon, Julia R. Prince, Eric J. Bartelink, Gary D. Richards.
43 Add to calendar Did Potters Urn? Potential Skeletal Evidence of Ceramic Production from the Ch’iji Jawira Site in Tiwanaku, Bolivia. Sara K. Becker.