The 85th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2016)

Session 48. Human Genetic Variation: Population Studies and Adaptation. Contributed Posters. Chair: Kara C. Hoover

April 16, 2016 , Atrium Ballroom A/B Add to calendar
1 Add to calendar Human structural variants shared with Neandertal and Denisovan genomes. Yen-Lung Lin, Pavlos Pavlidis, Emre Karakoc, Jerry Ajay, Omer Gokcumen.
2 Add to calendar Neanderthal Introgression to Western Asian Human Populations. Recep O. Taskent, Duo Xu, Duha Alioglu, Handan M. Donertas, Evrim Fer, Mehmet Somel, Omer Gokcumen.
3 Add to calendar Neanderthal ancestry in Yemeni populations. Deven N. Vyas, Ali Al-Meeri, Connie J. Mulligan.
4 Add to calendar Ancient dental calculus as a reservoir of whole human mitogenomes. Andrew T. Ozga, Maria Nieves Colón, Tanvi Honap, Krithivasan Sankaranarayanan, Courtney Hofman, George Milner, Cecil Lewis, Jr., Anne Stone, Christina Warinner.
5 Add to calendar Genetic diversity of Sanggan River Valley population provides evidence of Neolithic introgression from people of two farming centers in North China. Hui Zhou, Ye Zhang, Jiawei Li.
6 Add to calendar Ancient Mitochondrial Genome Reveals Trace of Prehistoric Migration in the East Pamir by Pastoralists. Yinqiu Cui, Hui Zhou, Chao Ning.
7 Add to calendar The distribution of the C677T allele of the MTHFR human gene in Eurasia: evidence of two distinct clines . Krizia Trazmonte, David Godfrey, Lorena Madrigal.
8 Add to calendar Building ancient noses: a functional approach to paleogenomic data. Kara C. Hoover.
9 Add to calendar No role for strong purifying selection on MC1R in populations from Northern Island Melanesia. Heather L. Norton, Elizabeth A. Werren, Jonathan S. Friedlaender.
10 Add to calendar Holocene Gene Flow Patterns between New Guinea and Australia. Sarah Ragsdale, Hannah Marsh.
11 Add to calendar Simulating the effects of migration rates on Neolithic range expansion. N J. Angal, C R. Tillquist.
12 Add to calendar A search of human beta-globin polymorphisms in ancient DNA of European populations. Claudia Viganò, Gülfirde Akgül, Frank J. Rühli, Abigail Bouwman.
13 Add to calendar Tracing the geographic origin of the Indian Ocean slave trade: Genomic ancient DNA data from the historical cemetery of Le Morne (Mauritius). Rosa Fregel, Marcela Sandoval, Martin Sikora, Maria Avila, Meredith Carpenter, David Poznik, Christopher R. Gignoux, Krish Seetah, Sasa Caval, Diego Calaon, Carlos Bustamante.
14 Add to calendar Migration Waves and Genetic Drift in the Peopling of Fuego-Patagonia. Marta P. Alfonso-Durruty, Miguel G. Vilar, Flavia Morello.
15 Add to calendar Sub-Regional Population Structure within South America Using MtDNA. Brianne C. Herrera, Mark Hubbe.
16 Add to calendar Genes determining Andean high-altitude adaptive phenotypes. Abigail W. Bigham, Melisa Kiyamu, Gianpetro Elias, Fabiola Leon-Valerde, Maria Rivera-Chira, Tom D. Brutsaert.
17 Add to calendar Genomic identification of recent positive selection in populations from Andean highlands and south-central Chile. Paloma S. Contreras, Alejandro E. Blanco, Andrés Moreno-Estrada, Karla Sandoval, Celeste Eng, Scott Huntsman, Esteban G. Burchard, Christopher Gignoux, Carlos Bustamante, Elena Llop, Mauricio Moraga, Ricardo Verdugo.
18 Add to calendar Investigating patterns of admixture in rural Mesoamerica due to Spanish colonialism: genome-wide evidence from Xaltocan, Mexico. Jaime Mata-Miguez, Aida T. Miró-Herrans, Deborah A. Bolnick.
19 Add to calendar Investigating possible signals of natural selection due to historic epidemics in Mesoamerica using ancient DNA. Austin W. Reynolds, Obed A. Garcia, Jaime Mata-Míguez, Abigail W. Bigham, Deborah A. Bolnick.
20 Add to calendar Genetic analysis of a British colonial cemetery in Belize. Lauren C. Springs, James F. Garber, Deborah A. Bolnick.
21 Add to calendar The third root of Mexico: Genetic structure of Mexicans of African descent. María C. Ávila-Arcos, Andrés Moreno-Estrada, Karla Sandoval-Mendoza, Marcus W. Feldman, Carlos D. Bustamante.
22 Add to calendar Basal pigmentation is a poor predictor of tanning response in Mexican Americans. Ellen E. Quillen, Jaydee Turner, Anne Sheldrake, Mark D. Shriver.
23 Add to calendar Genetic diversity of A2 and C1 haplotypes in Puerto Rico: Implications for initial migration and settlement patterns of the Caribbean. Raquel E. Fleskes, Miguel G. Vilar, Carlalynne Melendez, Theodore G. Schurr.
24 Add to calendar Examining Mitochondrial Haplotype Diversity in Ancient and Modern Indigenous Caribbean Populations. Fernando Saavedra, Jada P. Benn Torres.
25 Add to calendar Heritable traits and their impacts on child health in a Caribbean village. Monica H. Ahsan, Mark V. Flinn, James C. Bain.
26 Add to calendar Ancient DNA Analysis of the Prehistoric Inhabitants of the Lower Pecos Region of Texas and Northern Mexico. Jennifer A. Raff, Jaime Mata-Míguez, Christine R. Ku, Deborah A. Bolnick.
27 Add to calendar Isotopic and Genetic Analyses of a Mass Grave in Central California: Implications for Precontact Hunter-Gatherer Warfare. Hongjie Li, Jelmer W. Eerkens, Ripan S. Malhi.
28 Add to calendar Ancient DNA Analysis of San Nicolas Island, California. Amiee B. Potter, Susan Kerr.
29 Add to calendar Improved mitochondrial aDNA sequence quality and recovery rates using Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS): A case study using highly degraded material from Cahokia Mound 72. Jessica L. Harrison, Frederika A. Kaestle.
30 Add to calendar Additional IGG haplotype data supporting two founding populations of Native Americans. Moses S. Schanfield, Bernardo J. Araujo Jatoba, Beatriz C. Dias de Oliveira, Stephanie Pacheco Albano.
31 Add to calendar Serum leptin, anthropometric phenotypes and epigenetic programming across 7 Leptin (LEP) core promoter CpG sites in two diverse populations: The Western Buryat of Siberia and the Mennonites of Central Kansas. M. j. Mosher, Phillip E. Melton, Patricia Stapleton, Michael H. Crawford.
32 Add to calendar An Initial Investigation of the Biological Affinity of the Arikara and Caddo Using Dental Metrics. Kathryn E. D. Kulhavy.
33 Add to calendar Drift and selection in material culture on the High Plains: A quantitative analysis of inter-tribe parfleche characteristics. Stephen J. Lycett.
34 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Exploring the limits of approximate Bayesian computation as a method for human demographic analysis. Fernando A. Villanea.
35 Add to calendar Copying error, artifactual mutation, and phylogenetic signal in cultural evolution: Experimental approaches to “model artifacts”. Kerstin Schillinger, Alex Mesoudi, Stephen J. Lycett.
36 Add to calendar Patterns of mutations in exome sequencing seen as an effect of sampled genes. Tatiana F. Almeida, Danilo V. Bernardo, Maria Rita S. Passos-Bueno.
37 Add to calendar Evolution of MUC7: Insights into human salivary adaptation. Duo Xu, Pavlos Pavlidis, Colin Flanagan, Supaporn Thamadilok, Emilie Redwood, Sara Fox, Ran Blekhman, Stefan Ruhl, Omer Gokcumen.
38 Add to calendar Optimisation of metagenomic next generation sequencing shotgun techniques for the study of ancient anthropogenic sediments. Thomas C. Collin, Ron Pinhasi, Robin N. M. Feeney.
39 Add to calendar Phylogeographic signals in an immune gene family reflect linkage disequilibrium. R K. Leiter, C R. Tillquist.
40 Add to calendar Genetic factors influencing the phenotypic variation leading to clinical complaints in sickle cell trait athletes. Christina M. Balentine, Ryan W. Grieger, Justin Lund, Michelle Ciambella, Carroll Flansburg, Lorena Madrigal, Anne C. Stone.
41 Add to calendar Differences in DNA yield among buccal swab types: Medical-grade vs. standard cotton swabs. Cody A. Ruiz, Morgan E. Chaney, Anthony J. Tosi.
42 Add to calendar Evaluating minimally invasive methods of telomere length measurement: A sub-study of the WHO Study on Global AGEing and Adult Health (SAGE) . Elisabeth A. Goldman, Geeta Eick, Devan Compton, Paul Kowal, J. Josh Snodgrass, Dan T.A. Eisenberg, Kirstin N. Sterner.
43 Add to calendar Simplified access to human genomic evidence for clinical variants with new NCBI services. Stephen Sherry, Chunlin Xiao, Douglas Slotta, Kurt Rodarmer, Mike Feolo, Michael Kimelman, Georgiy Godynskiy, Chris O'Sullivan, Eugene Yaschenko.
44 Add to calendar Association of ACE, TPA, and WNK1 Alu polymorphisms, perceptions of unfair treatment, and personal networks with hypertension in African Americans. Kia C. Fuller, Christopher McCarty, Raffaele Vacca, Clarence C. Gravlee, Alexis C. Boulter, Connie J. Mulligan.