The 86th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2017)

Session 20. Human Skeletal Biology: Life Experience, Violence, and Disease. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Emily A. Sharp

April 20, 2017 , Studio 8/9/10 Add to calendar
2:30 Add to calendar Radiological and Forensic Re-evaluation of the Cause of Death of the Iceman, c. 5300 BP. Frank Ruhli, Patrizia Pernter, Oliver Peschel.
2:45 Add to calendar Get rid of the ugly one: congenital deformations and early childhood pathologies in the female monastic population in the Iberian Peninsula. Nataša Šarkić, Rosa Dinarès, Lucía Muñoz, Jesús Herrerín.
3:00 Add to calendar Delineating the effects of early life experience on adult immune function in 20th Century Portugal. Kelly E. Blevins, Charlotte Roberts, Ana Luísa Santos.
3:15 Add to calendar Treponemal Disease in Early China. Kate Pechenkina, Songtao Chen, Wenquan Fan.
3:30 Add to calendar Palatal Destructive Lesions in the St. Jørgen’s Medieval Leprosarium: Paleopathological Analysis and Paleoepidemiological Inferences. Vitor MJ. Matos, Carina Marques.
3:45 Add to calendar Molecular evidence for Plasmodium falciparum malaria in 1st-4th c. A.D. southern Italy. Stephanie Marciniak, Tracy L. Prowse, Ann Herring, Jennifer Klunk, Melanie Kuch, Ana T. Duggan, Luca Bondioli, Edward C. Holmes, Hendrik N. Poinar.
4:00 Add to calendar Utilizing non-weight-bearing bones in archaeological investigations of the evolution of osteoporosis. Rebecca Mountain.
4:15 Add to calendar Hale and Frail: Skeletal Frailty in Medieval and Postmedieval London. Douglas E. Crews, Kathryn E. Marklein.
4:30 Break
5:00 Add to calendar Long bone growth in a mid-19th century documented sample of the urban poor from Bethnal Green, London, UK. Rachel Ives, Louise T. Humphrey.
5:15 Add to calendar Can the Timing of Deciduous Tooth Emergence be Partially Accounted for by Mother’s Past or Current Circumstances?. Jennifer E. Spence, Bruce Floyd, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, Barbara Piperata.
5:30 Add to calendar Trauma, Stress, and Sociopolitical Change in the Lower Río Verde, Oaxaca, Mexico. Arion T. Mayes, Arthur Joyce, Sarah Barber.
5:45 Add to calendar Interpersonal violence during the Andean Early Intermediate Period and Middle Horizon. Emily A. Sharp, Rebecca E. Bria.
6:00 Add to calendar A Pact of Not Forgetting: Understanding Medellín’s Violent Past Through a Modern Documented Skeletal Collection. Jessica E. Rothwell.
6:15 Add to calendar Number of battle deaths scale with population size rather than differential proclivities for violence among humans living in nonstate and state societies. Dean Falk, Charles Hildebolt.
6:30 Add to calendar The costs of conquest: Detecting changing environmental stress in the transition from Iron Age to Roman England. Alexandra R. Tobin, Charlotte A. Roberts.