The 86th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2017)

Session 28. Human Dental Anthropology: Health, Disease, and Other Cool Stuff with Teeth. Contributed Posters. Chair: Christina L. Fojas

April 20, 2017 , Acadia Add to calendar

Authors present 1:30 pm-2 pm

1 Add to calendar The dawn of dentistry in the Late Upper Paleolithic. Gregorio MR. Oxilia, Flavia MS. Fiorillo, Francesco DR. Boschin, Elisabetta DR. Boaretto, Salvatore Andrea MR. Apicella, Chiara DR. Matteucci, Daniele DR. Panetta, Rossella PROF. Pistocchi, Franca PROF. Guerrini, Cristiana MS. Margherita, Massimo DR. Andretta, Rita MS. Sorrentino, Giovanni PROF. Boschian, Simona MS. Arrighi, Irene DR. Dori, Giuseppe MR. Mancuso, Jacopo DR. Crezzini, Alessandro DR. Riga, Maria Cristina MS. Serrangeli, Antonino MR. Vazzana, Piero PROF. Salvadori, Mariangela PROF. Vandini, Carlo PROF. Tozzi, Adriana PROF. Moroni, Robin DR. Feeney, John DR. Willman, Jacopo PROF. Moggi-Cecchi, Stefano DR. Benazzi.
2 Add to calendar Intentional Dental Staining in the Mariana Islands. Rona M. Ikehara-Quebral, Timothy M. Rieth, Alex E. Morrison, Michael Pietrusewsky, Michele Toomay Douglas.
3 Add to calendar Odontometric Sex Sssessment at the Early Bronze Age site of Ostojićevo (Serbia). Amy N. Karabowicz, Katherine M. Pompeani.
4 Add to calendar Differences in the non-masticatory dental wear of two medieval assemblages from the 4th cataract, Sudan. Rebecca J. Whiting, Simon Hillson, Daniel Antoine.
5 Add to calendar Regional Variation of Dental Microwear in the English Late Bronze Age and Iron Age. Rose L. Perash.
6 Add to calendar Differentiating Dental Wear Patterns: A Dental Microwear Study on the Philistine Population from Ashkelon. Rachel E. Kalisher.
7 Add to calendar Something To Chew On: Comparing Dentin Exposure in Ancient Egyptians and Dental Age Estimation Standards. Casey L. Kirkpatrick.
8 Add to calendar The applicability of dental wear in age estimation for a modern American population. Katie E. Faillace, Jonathon D. Bethard, Murray K. Marks.
9 Add to calendar A New Method for Estimating Age from Deciduous Teeth in Archaeological Contexts. Jess Beck.
10 Add to calendar Initiation of Permanent Premolar Tooth Crypt Formation in Individuals with Premolar Agenesis. Maja Šešelj.
11 Add to calendar A Study of Human Tooth Eruption and Root Growth. Helen M. Liversidge.
12 Add to calendar Estimating Age at Death through Cementum Annulations in Canines and 1st Molars: A Late Formative Period (400 B.C. - 150 B.C.) Population from Cerro de la Cruz in the Lower Río Verde Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. Carlos Vega, Arion T. Mayes, Arthur A. Joyce.
13 Add to calendar Biorhythm tracks enamel thickness in humans and great apes. Patrick Mahoney, Justyna j. Miszkiewicz, Rosie Pitfield, Chris Deter, Debbie Guatelli-steinberg.
14 Add to calendar Human incremental hard tissue formation as evidence of a biorhythm: preliminary results. Rosie Pitfield, Patrick Mahoney.
15 Add to calendar Prenatal crown formation time of human deciduous central incisors in a pre-industrial population. Alessia Nava, Paola F. Rossi, Luca Bondioli.
16 Add to calendar Trace Element Studies Support Rapid Tooth Enamel Mineralization at the Enamel-Dentine Junction. Tanya M. Smith, Christine Austin, Daniel Green, Manish Arora.
17 Add to calendar Growing up in Çatalhöyük : enamel hypoplasia and history houses. Emmy Bocaege, Anna Clement, Simon Hillson.
18 Add to calendar A lesson in stressin’: A comparison of linear enamel hypoplasias in children from the prehistoric Ohio Valley. Emily Moes, Samantha Blatt.
19 Add to calendar Linear enamel hypoplasia incidence in bush-dwelling and village Hadza from Tanzania. Peter S. Ungar, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Jerome C. Rose.
20 Add to calendar Climate Change and Enamel Defects: Interpreting the Childhood Stress of Early Levantine Agriculturalists. Teresa V. Wilson.
21 Add to calendar Tooth size, trait expression, and nutritional stress. Erin C. Blankenship-Sefczek, Debbie Guatelli-Steinberg, Alan H. Goodman.
22 Add to calendar Sex-Related Differences in Dental Caries Prevalence in the Prehistoric American Southwest . Robin T. Wineinger.
23 Add to calendar Dental Health and Diet at Tell el-Amarna: A Comparison of Carious Lesions, Dental Wear, and Antemortem Tooth Loss in Dynastic Egypt. Erika L. Morey.
24 Add to calendar Dietary Reconstruction of Winnebago Phase Oneota: A Study of Dental Pathology. Jordan Karsten, Tabitha Dorshorst, Kayla Kubehl, Lauren Scheider.
25 Add to calendar Oral health among the Hadza foragers of Tanzania. Alyssa N. Crittenden, Sheniz Moonie, John Sorrentino, Peter S. Ungar.
26 Add to calendar Heterogeneity in Oral Health in Middle Tennessee during the Mississippian Period. Christina L. Fojas.
27 Add to calendar A large-scale analysis of the prevalence of dental caries and calculus over time, from the Bronze Age to the Post-medieval period in Britain. Cara S. Hirst.
28 Add to calendar Disease and dental wear on the upper Texas coast: Cross-era comparison of Native American Health at site 41GV66. Emily A. Edwards.
29 Add to calendar A new perspective on the population history of the pre-Incan South Central Andes through analysis of dental morphological data. Andrea Cucina, Alfredo Coppa, Claudia Arganini, Francesca Candilio.
30 Add to calendar Dental Modification and Human Sacrifice at Midnight Terror Cave. Cristina Verdugo, Kimberly Zhu, Lars Fehren-Schmitz.
31 Add to calendar Refining a Traditional Method in Dental Wear Analysis for Greater Application. Emma M. Lagan.
32 Add to calendar An assessment of oral health in prehistoric Ancón, Peru. Caitlin Monesmith.
33 Add to calendar Ethnic diversity in a 19th Century Colorado Insane Asylum: what the teeth tell us. Elliot Hubbard, F. Nur Erbil, Michelle Glantz, Ann Magennis.
34 Add to calendar Hutchinson’s dental criteria diagnose congenital syphilis in pre-Columbian Old World. Stella Ioannou, Renata J. Henneberg, Maciej Henneberg.