The 86th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2017)

Session 33. Here Comes the Sun: Evolutionary Responses to Solar Exposure. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Ellen E. Quillen, Nina G. Jablonski Co-organizers: Nina G. Jablonski, Pennsylvania State University

April 21, 2017 , Studio 7 Add to calendar

Throughout human evolution and recurrently in diverse environments, pigmentation genes have undergone some of the strongest intervals of selection found in the genome. Selection and genetic drift have shaped local genetic variation in striking ways. This symposium focuses on recent work on the genetics of skin pigmentation with a particular focus on distinct manifestations of overlapping allelic variation among populations. Comparison with our non-human primate relatives provide deeper perspectives on the evolutionary history of pigmentation variation while studies of more recent gene flow and admixture have generated novel interactions between genes influencing constitutive skin color within populations. Variation in constitutive pigmentation informs, but is insufficient to explain, variation in response to ultraviolet radiation. Increasingly, the genetic architectures of facultative pigmentation (tanning), vitamin D production, and epidermal thickening in response to solar exposure are being elucidated with both classic pigmentation genes and novel alleles influencing these biomedically and forensically important traits. By considering both constitutive pigmentation and these labile traits, which are heavily influenced by both genetics and the environment, we seek a more complete picture of variation in human skin.

Introduction: Ellen E. Quillen
Individual poster presentations (Posters #1-7)
Individual poster presentations (Posters #8-12)
Discussant: Nina G. Jablonski
1 Add to calendar Pigmentation variation in the presence of strong UVR: genetic and phenotypic variation in Island Melanesia. Heather L. Norton, Lauren Bowser, Jonathan S. Friedlaender.
2 Add to calendar Genetics of pigmentation in East Asia: The role of OCA2 polymorphisms. Lida Rawofi, Melissa Edwards, S Krithika, Nicole Murray, Heather L. Norton, Esteban J. Parra.
3 Add to calendar Rapid Evolution of Lighter Skin Pigmentation in Southern Africa. Brenna M. Henn, Meng Lin, Alicia R. Martin, Rebecca Siford.
4 Add to calendar The complicated genetic landscape of skin color in India. Florin Mircea Iliescu, George Chaplin, Niraj Rai, Guy Jacobs, Chandana Basu Mallick, Anshuman Mishra, Rie Goto, Rakesh Tamang, Gyaneshwer Chaubey, Irene Gallego Romero, Federica Crivellaro, Ramasamy Pitchappan, Lalji Singh, Marta Mirazon-Lahr, Mait Metspalu, Kumarasamy Thangaraj, Toomas Kivisild, Nina G. Jablonski.
5 Add to calendar Variation in skin reflectance and pigmentation genes in young adults of Xhosa and Cape Mixed ancestry from the Western Cape, South Africa. Nina G. Jablonski, Tina Lasisi, Abhimanyu Abhimanyu, Anna K. Coussens, Celeste E. Naude, George Chaplin, Laurel N. Pearson, Rene Goliath, Mark D. Shriver, Robert J. Wilkinson.
6 Add to calendar Fluidity of “Color” among Brazilians Investigated using Genomic Ancestry, Skin Pigmentation, and Facial Ancestry. Laurel N. Pearson, Diego A. Hernandez, Peter Claes, Rinaldo W. Pereira, Mark D. Shriver.
7 Add to calendar Mapping the Origins of Inter-Population Skin Color Variation with Admixed Indigenous Populations. Khai C. Ang, Victor A. Canfield, Tiffany C. Foster, Mee S. Ngu, John Hawley, Mahani M. Clyde, Badrul M. Md-Zain, Gerhard Meisenberg, Stephen J. Oppenheimer, Keith C. Cheng.
8 Add to calendar Pigmentation in a Comparative Context: Factors Shaping Variation and Convergence in Primate Pelage Patterns. Brenda J. Bradley, Jason M. Kamilar, Amanda N. Spriggs, Benjamin C. Wilhelm, Susan Walsh.
9 Add to calendar The Prediction of Human Pigmentation Phenotypes from DNA for Forensic and Anthropological Usage. Susan Walsh, Krystal Breslin, Ryan Eller, Charanya Muralidharan, Ewelina Pospiech, Lakshmi Chaitanya, Andreas Wollstein, Fan Liu, Wojciech Branicki, Manfred Kayser.
10 Add to calendar A Complex, Polygenic Architecture for Lightened Skin Pigmentation in the Southern African KhoeSan. Alicia R. Martin, Christopher R. Gignoux, Meng Lin, Julie M. Granka, Alexandra Adams, Xiaomin Liu, Elizabeth G. Atkinson, Catherine A. Guenther, Sandra Beleza, Cedric J. Werely, Justin Myrick, Marlo Möller, David M. Kingsley, Mark J. Daly, Marcus W. Feldman, Eileen G. Hoal, Carlos D. Bustamante, Brenna M. Henn.
11 Add to calendar The role of FZD6 in the evolution of tanning response in the Americas. Ellen E. Quillen, Jaydee Foster, Anne Sheldrake, Nina G. Jablonski, Mark D. Shriver.
12 Add to calendar Complex Adaptive Forces Shape Skin Barrier Evolution in Humans. Yen-Lung Lin, Muthukrishnan Eaaswarkhanth, Petar Pajic, Duo Xu, Margarita Rzhetskaya, M Geoffrey Hayes, Ran Blekhman, Nina Jablonski, Omer Gokcumen.