The 86th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2017)

Session 51. Human Skeletal Biology: Morphology, Variation, and Environment. Contributed Posters. Chair: Meghan Shirley

April 21, 2017 , Acadia Add to calendar

Authors present 1:30 pm-2 pm

1 Add to calendar Shape differences in the proximal femur of a cadaver sample based on different classifiers of obesity. Rob'yn A. Johnston, Libby W. Cowgill, Taylor Paskoff.
2 Add to calendar Estimation of individual body mass from the femur: insights from a CT-based analysis of body composition. Alizé Lacoste Jeanson, Ján Dupej, Jaroslav Brůžek.
3 Add to calendar Osteometric Reconstruction of Body Mass in the Lambayeque Valley Complex, Peru: Pre-Hispanic Variability and the Impact of Spanish Conquest. Steven J. Ball, Haagen D. Klaus.
4 Add to calendar The effect of activity on the reliability of body mass estimated from long bone cross-sectional area. Vladimir Sladek.
5 Add to calendar A Test of the Mastication Hypothesis on Mandibular Morphology using Medieval and Modern Non-adult Individuals. Emily E. Hammerl, Megan K. Moore, Elizabeth A. DiGangi, Hedy M. Justus.
6 Add to calendar From form to function: insights into tooth function through the study of variation in tooth root size and shape. Christianne L. Fernee, Katharine R. Brown, Alex Dickinson, Chris Woods, Sonia R. Zakrzewski.
7 Add to calendar Raccoons, humans and Allen's rule in eastern North America. Ted Steegmann, Ruth Steegmann.
8 Add to calendar Climatic adaptation in Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata)as a model for calibrating human intraspecific variation. Laura T. Buck, Isabelle De Groote, Yuzuru Hamada, Jay T. Stock.
9 Add to calendar Why did H. erectus disperse? Tracking variables between fleshed and skeletal individuals to find patterns of plasticity. Susan C. Antón, Hannah G. Taboada, Emily R. Middleton, Christopher W. Rainwater, Trudy R. Turner, Jean E. Turnquist, Karen J. Weinstein, Scott A. Williams.
10 Add to calendar Integration and modularity within the human nasal region. Nathan E. Holton, Amanda Piche, Todd R. Yokley.
11 Add to calendar An investigation of the relationship between maxillary sinus volume and midfacial growth using a pig model. Christina L. Nicholas, Nathan E. Holton, Bethany Doolittle, Thomas Southard.
12 Add to calendar Statistical shape analysis using statistical shape models - comparing surface to outline data in the human zygomatic structure. Stefan Schlager, Alexandra Rüdell.
13 Add to calendar Investigating Pterion from Three Perspectives: Phylogeny, Biomechanics and Size. Nambi J. Gamet, Joan C. Stevenson.
14 Add to calendar The Influence of EGCG on Cranial Vault Morphology. John Starbuck, Emily Harrington, Ahmed Ghonemia, Katherine Kula, Randall Roper.
15 Add to calendar Generalised Procrustes Analysis on an ontogenetic series clarifies the two-bandage cranial modification technique in Migration Period Hungary. Peter R. Mayall, Varsha Pilbrow.
16 Add to calendar Exploring artificial cranial deformation in a 5th century Germanic population from Croatia using multiple lines of inquiry. Mario Novak, Kendra A. Sirak, Daniel M. Fernandes, Josip Burmaz, Mislav Čavka, Rachel Howcroft, Ron Pinhasi.
17 Add to calendar Cranial Vault Modification as a Possible Ethnic Marker in the Middle Cumberland Region. Greg J. Wehrman.
18 Add to calendar Geometric Morphometric and Craniometric Analysis of the MidFace in Colombian Population. Allometry and Sexual Dimorphism. Shayra O. Chiñas, María E. Peña, César Sanabria, Lourdes Márquez.
19 Add to calendar A Preliminary Analysis on the Cranial Variation within Prehistoric Mexico. Samuel R. Rennie, Margaret Clegg, Silvia Gonzalez, José CJ. López.
20 Add to calendar The Use of Geometric Morphometrics to Identify Distinct Mortuary Components at Koster Mounds. Lita Sacks.
21 Add to calendar Explaining distinct crania from Colonial Delaware using craniometric and genetic analyses. Kathleen A. Hauther, Ashley H. McKeown, Meradeth Snow, M K. Spradley.
22 Add to calendar Exploration of craniometrics variation along the Nile River. Caitlin R. Bennett, Ann H. Ross.
23 Add to calendar Pelvic morphology and stature in South Asian women. Meghan K. Shirley, Owen J. Arthurs, Jonathan CK. Wells.
24 Add to calendar Osteon circularity variation with femur size and anatomical region in archaeological humans. Paula Fuente García, Justyna J. Miszkiewicz, Chris Deter, Patrick Mahoney.
25 Add to calendar Bilateral Asymmetry in Cross-Sectional Properties Indicates Periarticular Plasticity in the Distal Humerus of Modern Humans. Kaya G. Zelazny, Christopher B. Ruff.
26 Add to calendar Are marital system, climate and geographic origin good predictors of human craniofacial size and shape variation?. Katharine Balolia, Christophe Soligo.
27 Add to calendar Does the shape of the talus predict first metatarsal abduction?. Steven G. Lautzenheiser, Adam D. Sylvester, Patricia A. Kramer.
28 Add to calendar Evaluation of the covariation in markers of robusticity in the locomotor skeleton. Tyler E. Dunn.
29 Add to calendar Ontogenetic trajectories of talo-crural joint shape among the two species of Pan, Pan troglodytes and Pan paniscus: Life history and behavioral correlates. Kevin Turley, Evan A. Simons, Stephen R. Frost, Frances J. White.
30 Add to calendar Comparison of fluctuating asymmetry level between normal and pathological specimens from modern Thai skeletal group. Hyunwoo Jung, Eun Jin Woo, Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel.
31 Add to calendar Sacral variability in tailless species: Homo sapiens and Ochotona princeps. Robert G. Tague.
32 Add to calendar Similarities in Pelvic Dimorphism Across Populations. Hillary DelPrete.
33 Add to calendar Divided Zygomata in Neolithic and Dynastic Northern Chinese Populations. Qun Zhang, Paul C. Dechow, Quanchao Zhang, Qian Wang.
34 Add to calendar A 3D geometric morphometric study of the ilium during growth and the influence of habitual activity in the Later Stone Age foragers of southern Africa. Helen Kurki, Lesley Harrington.
35 Add to calendar Developmental limb element asymmetry across three Native North American populations. Erin B. Waxenbaum, Kendra A. Sirak.
36 Add to calendar An analysis of upper and lower limb cross-sectional properties in the Lake Nitchie skeleton from southwestern New South Wales, Australia. Ethan C. Hill, Osbjorn M. Pearson, Arthur C. Durband.
37 Add to calendar Finding the Volume of the Femoral Intercondylar Fossa from a 3D Scanning Image Using CAD Modeling Software. Brianna E. Herndon, Sara K. Becker.
38 Add to calendar The effect of temperature and population history on the shape of the distal and proximal epiphyses of the tibia. Pere Ibáñez-Gimeno, Thomas G. Davies, Jay T. Stock.
39 Add to calendar Regional Variation and Sexual Dimorphism in the Ontogeny of Humeral Asymmetry among Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers. Benjamin Osipov, Lesley Harrington, Libby Cowgill, Daniel Temple, Valdimir I. Bazaliiskii, Andrzej W. Weber.
40 Add to calendar Cortical Bone Structural Variation in Modern Human Metatarsals. Tea Jashashvili, Mark R. Dowdeswell, Lynne A. Schepartz, Patricia Chabikuli, Bernhard Zipfel, Kristian J. Carlson.
41 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Patterns of Handedness Among Human Populations from the Late Pleistocene to the Holocene. Yun Ysi Siew, Efthymia Nikita, Alison A. Macintosh, Matthew A. Gasperetti, Emma Pomeroy, Jay T. Stock.
42 Add to calendar Juvenile Skeletal Sexual Dimorphism under Poor Environmental Conditions. Sarah Reedy.
43 Add to calendar Differences between the endosteal surface of human and non-human long bones: a potential feature to assist with identification. Sarah L. Croker.
44 Add to calendar A Proposed Method for Determining Sex in Skeletal Remains Using the Position of the Sacral Auricular Surface. Chelsea T. Skoog, Carolyn Rando, Simon Hillson.