The 86th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2017)

Session 61. Bioarcheology and Paleopathology: Violence, Activity, Infection, and Congenital Conditions. Contributed Posters. Chair: Lori A. Tremblay Critcher

April 22, 2017 , Acadia Add to calendar

Authors present Noon-12:30 pm

1 Add to calendar Analysis of central american machete cut marks: an application of microprofilometry and micro-computed tomography. Samantha Mitchell, Anna Novotny, Patrick Lewis.
2 Add to calendar Bioarchaeological Analysis of Weapon-related Trauma in an Early Medieval Population from Central Europe. Lauren Hosek.
3 Add to calendar Effect of mycobacterial species on immune cells and its potential impact on inflammatory responses in periosteal lesions. Megan E. Duncanson, Sharon N. DeWitte, Fabian A. Crespo.
4 Add to calendar Infantile Cortical Hyperostosis or Disseminated Hematogenous Osteomyelitis? The Case of a High Status Child from Huanchaco, Peru. Khrystyne E. Tschinkel, Gabriel Prieto, John Verano.
5 Add to calendar A proposed method for scoring subadult entheseal morphology. Jessica L. A. Palmer, Andrea L. Waters-Rist, Angela Lieverse.
6 Add to calendar An Analysis of Gender Constructs in an Early Bronze Age Population Through Principal Coordinates Analysis of Scored Entheseal Changes. Mark Toussaint, Piotr Włodarczak.
7 Add to calendar Testing the Coimbra Method: Discovering Possible Causes of Fibrocartilaginous Entheseal Change. Kelsey C. Jorgensen, Elena F. Kranioti.
8 Add to calendar Bulging Biceps: MicroCT Analysis of Entheseal Changes at Byzantine St. Stephen’s Monastery, Jerusalem. Adam C. Pasquinelly, Katherine A. Portman, Susan G. Sheridan, Matthew J. Ravosa.
9 Add to calendar Biological Stress Indicators Among Historically Documented Populations (1913-1935): An analysis of Entheseal Changes and Degenerative Joint Disease. Anna P. Alioto.
10 Add to calendar A case of thoracic insufficiency syndrome in Cabeçuda Shellmound, Brasil. Silvia Reis, Alejandra Saladino, Murilo Bastos, Claudia Rodrigues-Carvalho.
11 Add to calendar An Examination of Sex Differences in Pathological Conditions of the Spine in a Historic Population from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lori A. Tremblay Critcher.
12 Add to calendar Functional associations between Osteoarthritis and Vertebral Osteophytosis in Prehistoric Atacama Oases, Chile. Rocio Lopez Barrales, Vivivana Llagostera, Walter Neves, Mark Hubbe.
13 Add to calendar Comparative analysis of osteoarthritis and implications for division of labor in two prehistoric skeletal populations. Alyxandra L. Stanco.
14 Add to calendar Palaeopathological Indicators of Mounted Pastoralism during the Mongolian Bronze Age. Sarah K. Karstens, Judith Littleton, Bruno Frohlich, Tsend Amgaluntugs, Pearlstein Kristen.
15 Add to calendar Bioarchaeology of Violence and Disease at Forbush Creek, North Carolina. Steph Berger, Dale Hutchinson.
16 Add to calendar Approaching studies of multiple traumata from the leg up: An examination of the effect of prior injury location on patterns of subsequent injury in 18th and 19th century London. Derek A. Boyd, Colleen F. Milligan.
17 Add to calendar Patterns of Trauma and Violence among Nomadic Pastoralists at the Nileke Site (500-221 BCE), Northwestern Xinjiang Province, China. Christine Lee, Ariana Beltran-Buzos, Margarita Alvarez, Alejandra Torres.
18 Add to calendar Evidence for violence along the Silk Road (206 BCE-420 CE), in Xinjiang Province, China. Megan Johnson, Mariana Santos, Ariel Garcia, Cecilia Sepulveda, Christine Lee.
19 Add to calendar Violence in 18th and 19th Century London: Analyzing Trauma Prevalence by Cemetery, Age, and Sex. Petra Banks, D. Shane Miller.
20 Add to calendar Conflict and warfare at the Chandman site (700-400 BCE), in northwestern Mongolia. David Fornelli, Yahaira Gonzalez, Peter Ang, Caius Chickanis, Christine Lee.
21 Add to calendar Building America on Broken Bones: Comparative Analysis of Antemortem Fracture Patterns of Three Contemporary American Poorhouse Cemeteries. Jennifer F. Byrnes.
22 Add to calendar Trauma Prevalence among Enslaved African Males and Females between the 17th and 19th Centuries in the United States. Kortney Williams.
23 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Evidence of an Iron Age Massacre at the Sandby borg Ringfort. Clara Alfsdotter, Anna Kjellström.
24 Add to calendar Engaging in Combat: Interpersonal Violence in the Ancient Greek Colony, Himera. Caitlin Sawyer, Britney Kyle, Norma Lonoce, Stefano Vassallo, Pier F. Fabbri, Laurie J. Reitsema.
25 Add to calendar Osteomas on the cranial vault: Survey of presence and frequency Erin N. Hall1 and David R. Hunt2. 1Department of Anthropology,Catholic University, 2Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution. Erin Hall.
26 Add to calendar An Analysis of Human Remains from an Inca Ushnu: Polydactylism, Infection, Blunt Force Trauma, and Sharp Force Trauma at Soledad de Tambo, Huachis, Ancash Peru. Anne R. Titelbaum, José Querevalú, Nilton Rios, Ricardo Chirinos.
27 Add to calendar Ace in the Hole: Investigating High Levels of Glenoid Fossa Pathologies in Comparative Samples from the Americas. Deborah L. Neidich, Sarah A. Jolly.
28 Add to calendar Effects of Age, Activity, and Obesity on Osteoarthritis in a Modern European-American Skeletal Sample. Allysha P. Winburn.
29 Add to calendar Limb Joint Degenerative Joint Disease Prevalence in German Populations from the Little Ice Age (AD 1300-1850). Eleanor J. Waddle, Kendra Weinrich, Leslie L. Williams.
30 Add to calendar Healed Rib Fractures: A Micro-anatomical Assessment. Kate MW. Hall, R R. Paine.
31 Add to calendar Evidence for Cancer and Syphilis in a Prehistoric Native American Population from North Carolina. Caitlin N. Wamser, Chelsey A. Juarez.
32 Add to calendar The case of a primary malignant bone tumor in a pre-Columbian skeleton from Cerro Brujo, Bocas del Toro, Panamá. Nicole E. Smith-Guzmán, Jeffrey A. Toretsky, Richard G. Cooke.
33 Add to calendar Unidentified, multifocal joint disease from the Slovenian Kranj skeletal series. Vlasta Vyroubal, Mario Šlaus, Željka Bedić, Andrej Pleterski, Benjamin Štular.
34 Add to calendar The Effect of Leprotic Infection on the Risk of Death in Medieval Rural Denmark. Kirsten S. Kelmelis, Michael H. Price, James W. Wood.
35 Add to calendar Growing Pains: Developmental origins of tuberculosis and periodontal disease in Lisbon's working poor during the turn of the 20th century. Jacob C. White.
36 Add to calendar Pellagra mortality in the historic Mississippi State Asylum: An investigation and comparison of skeletal data and institutional records. Michelle L. Davenport, Molly K. Zuckerman, Nicholas P. Herrmann, Michael Murphy.
37 Add to calendar An Examination of the Osteological Distribution of Leprosy Lesion Types: Results from a Meta-analysis on the Paleopathological Literature on Mycobacterium Leprae. Mallory A. Schreier.
38 Add to calendar Searching for pathogens in the earliest know colonial epidemic burial in Mexico, Teposcolula Yucundaa. Åshild J. Vågene, Michael G. Campana, Nelly Robles García, Daniel Huson, Noreen Tuross, Alexander Herbig, Kirsten I. Bos, Johannes Krause.
39 Add to calendar Periodontal Disease and Periosteal Lesions in a Prehistoric Population from Kentucky: Searching for Evidence of Systemic Inflammation. Krysta N. Wilham, Phil J. DiBlasi, Sharon N. DeWitte, Fabian A. Crespo.
40 Add to calendar Spectroscopic Approach to Human Bone/Collagen in Pre-industrial Populations: Preservation vs Chronic Diseases. Olalla López-Costas, Marcela Rial Tubío, Joeri Kaal, Antonio Martínez Cortizas.
41 Add to calendar Differential Diagnosis of a Possible Endocrine Disorder in an Ancient Maya Skeleton from the Chan Site, Belize. Anna Novotny, Samantha Mitchell.
42 Add to calendar Micromorphological study of hypocellular human mastoids. Stefan Flohr, Anna K. Bressler, Horst Kierdorf, Michael Schultz, Uwe Kierdorf.
43 Add to calendar Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the FGFR3 gene: interpreting cranial, neural, and vascular changes in prehistoric cases of achondroplasia. Sierra M. H. Lee, Nicole K. Apodaca, Rebecca S. Jabbour, Gary D. Richards.
44 Add to calendar Craniosynostosis and Inheritance: A Bioarchaeological review in the Middle Tennessee River Valley. Brandon S. Thompson.
45 Add to calendar Sixth Lumbar Sacralization and Familial Relatedness among Tiwanaku Individuals Buried at M70 in Moquegua, Peru. Sara K. Becker, Brianna E. Herndon, Genesis Torres Morales, Paul S. Goldstein.
46 Add to calendar Pre-Axial Polydactyly in a Mid-Holocene Human Skeleton from Gobero, Niger. Scott E. Burnett, Christopher M. Stojanowski.
47 Add to calendar The Incidence and Variance of Metopism in Three Medieval British Populations. Carla L. Burrell, Silvia Gonzalez, Joel D. Irish.
48 Add to calendar Extraction of cortical area thickness profiles from CT-scanned femurs. Ján Dupej, Alizé Lacoste Jeanson, Jaroslav Brůžek, Josef Pelikán.
49 Add to calendar The Effect of Mobility Impairment on Femoral Trabecular and Cortical Bone Structure. Devora S. Gleiber, Daniel J. Wescott.
50 Add to calendar Eastern States Mental Hospital: Does the Presence of Heavy Metals as Evidenced by pXRF in the Bone and Teeth Indicate use of “Heroic Medicine” ?. Peter E. Killoran.
51 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Age, Exposure, and Disease: An Osteological Analysis of Three Juvenile Individuals from the Helton Site in the Lower Illinois River Valley. Amanda Rossillo.
52 Add to calendar Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in dental calculus from the Smithsonian's Huntington Collection. Soleil E. Young, Alanna L. Warner-Smith.
53 Add to calendar Prevalence of Degenerative Joint Disease and Schmorl’s nodes in Little Ice Age German populations. Kendra Weinrich, Eleanor Waddle, Leslie L. Williams.
54 Add to calendar Assessment of the Thoracolumbar Transition in Modern Humans. Elizabeth O. Cho, Thierra K. Nalley, Emily R. Middleton, Carol V. Ward.