The 86th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2017)

Session 67. The Paleobiology of Upper Paleolithic / Later Stone Age Humans. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Erik Trinkaus, Sébastien Villotte Co-organizers: Sébastien Villotte

April 22, 2017 , Studio 4/5 Add to calendar

The past few decades of paleoanthropological research has seen a focus on the human paleobiology (and mortuary analysis) of the Upper Paleolithic / Later Stone Age (≈40 – ≈10 ka). These people have been increasingly viewed in terms of dynamic and culturally complex forager populations in a changing global climate, instead of being studied merely in terms of the establishment of modern versus archaic human biology. These analyses have been concerned with trends through this period in shifting body proportions, reflections of activity levels, growth and development, changing levels and patterns of paleopathology, aspects of dental structure and wear, skeletal reflections of diverse mortuary behaviors, patterns of population diversity and dispersal, and adaptations to diverse environments. The research has been greatly augmented by detailed reassessments of long-known important human skeletal samples, combined with the analyses of newly discovered remains. This symposium brings together an international group of paleoanthropologists addressing these issues with new data, new analyses and new fossils. It is designed to foster discussion on the biology and behavior of these Late Pleistocene early modern humans, the people who reflect both the heyday of highly successful global hunter-gatherers and provided the background for the increased sedentism of the early Holocene.

Introduction: Erik Trinkaus and Sébastien Villotte
Discussant: Brigitte Holt
1 Add to calendar Upper Paleolithic and recent human brain variation and evolution. antoine balzeau, Dominique Grimaud-Hervé, Lou Albessard.
2 Add to calendar Dental developmental patterns and tooth internal structure in European Upper Paleolithic humans. Priscilla Bayle, Mona Le Luyer.
3 Add to calendar Late Pleistocene modern human diversity in Central Africa. Isabelle Crevecoeur, Alison Brooks, Isabelle Ribot, Patrick Semal.
4 Add to calendar Effects of technology on Upper Paleolithic human diet. Sireen El Zaatari, Frederick E. Grine, Peter S. Ungar, Jean-Jacques Hublin.
5 Add to calendar Later Stone Age infant remains from the Grotte des Pigeons at Taforalt. Louise Humphrey, Ali Freyne, Abdeljalil Bouzouggar, Nick Barton.
6 Add to calendar Evidence for Subsistence Shifts in the Late Upper Paleolithic of Europe: Caries and Antemortem Tooth Loss. Sarah A. Lacy.
7 Add to calendar Dental remains of Late Pleistocene European foragers: external and internal characterization. Mona Le Luyer.
8 Add to calendar Variation among inferred habitual activity in Upper Pleistocene modern humans. Osbjorn M. Pearson, Ethan C. Hill, Vitale S. Sparacello.
9 Add to calendar The Upper Paleolithic human remains from the Troisième caverne of Goyet (Belgium). Hélène Rougier, Isabelle Crevecoeur, Asier Gómez-Olivencia, Patrick Semal.
10 Add to calendar Infracranial variability among the Magdalenian people of southwestern France. Mathilde Samsel, Christopher J. Knüsel, Sebastien Villotte.
11 Add to calendar Paleobiology, Competition and Migration in Late Pleistocene Southeast Asia. Alexandra Zachwieja, Laura L. Shackelford.
12 Add to calendar Morphological variability of Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic skulls from Sicily. Luca Sineo, Manon Galland, Giuseppe D'amore, Martin Friess, Ron Pinhasi, Roberto Micciche'.
13 Add to calendar Late Upper Paleolithic funerary behavior at Arene Candide Cave (Finale Ligure, Italy). Vitale S. Sparacello, Stefano Rossi, Paul Pettitt, Charlotte A. Roberts, Julien Riel-Salvatore, Vincenzo Formicola.
14 Add to calendar Early and Middle Epipalaeolithic human remains from Jordan: implications for understanding late Pleistocene population and foraging complexity in the Levant. Jay T. Stock, Emma Pomeroy, Thomas Davies, Tobias Richter, Lisa Maher.
15 Add to calendar Population movements throughout northern Africa during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition. Christopher M. Stojanowski, Rebecca Bookman, Charisse L. Carver.
16 Add to calendar Puzzling Pairs from Pavlov: Mortuary Manipulation in the Mid Upper Paleolithic. Erik Trinkaus, Piotr Wojtal, Jaroslaw Wilczynski, Sandra Sazelova, Jiri A. Svoboda.
17 Add to calendar Gravettian human remains from Gargas (Hautes-Pyrénées, France). Implication for biological diversity and mortuary practices during the Upper Paleolithic. Sebastien Villotte, Priscilla Bayle, Selim Natahi, Carole Vercoutère, Catherine Ferrier, Cristina San Juan-Foucher, Pascal Foucher.
18 Add to calendar Biological and Cultural Factors influencing Non-masticatory Dental Wear in Early and Late Upper Paleolithic Humans. John C. Willman, Kristin L. Krueger.