The 87th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2018)

Session 64. Bioarchaeology of Eurasia. Contributed Posters. Chair: Cassie E. Skipper

April 14, 2018 , Zilker 1/2/3 Add to calendar

Authors present 7:00-8:00 am and noon-1:00 pm

1 Add to calendar Quantifying the effects of indirect fire exposure to human skeletal remains at Çatalhöyük. Cassie E. Skipper, Scott D. Haddow, Marin A. Pilloud.
2 Add to calendar Mobility and body size at Neolithic Çatalhöyük: temporal patterns of a large-scale farming community in Turkey. Evan M. Garofalo, Christopher B. Ruff, Clark S. Larsen.
3 Add to calendar Stable Isotope Analyses of Skeletal Remains from the Copper Age Burials at Valencina-Castilleja (Seville): Dietary Patterns and Regional Comparisons. Anna J. Waterman, Marta Díaz-Zorita Bonilla, Robert H. Tykot.
4 Add to calendar Human interaction and mobility among Copper Age mega-sites enclosures in Iberia through strontium isotope analyses. Marta Díaz-Zorita Bonilla, Anna Waterman.
5 Add to calendar Subsistence and land space use in the South Caucasian Late Bronze Age and Iron Age: A comparison of three regions using δ13C and δ15N isotopic analysis of skeletal remains. Isabelle Coupal.
6 Add to calendar Characterizing diet in Bronze-Iron Age Xinjiang and southern Siberian steppe populations through analysis of dental wear, dental disease, and stable isotopes. Jacqueline T. Eng, Michelle Machicek.
7 Add to calendar Cranial variation in the Italian peninsula from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages. Samantha M. Hens.
8 Add to calendar Untangling the relationship between paleopathology and funerary behavior in the Italian Neolithic: new data from Arma dell’Aquila (Finale Ligure, Liguria region, northwestern Italy). Vitale S. Sparacello, Chiara Panelli, Stefano Rossi, Irene Dori, Alessandra Varalli, Gwenaëlle Goude, Sacha Kacki, Caroline Partiot, Marcello Mannino, Sahra Talamo, Michael P. Richards, Charlotte A. Roberts, Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi, Elisabetta Starnini, Paolo Biagi.
9 Add to calendar Late copper age population dynamics in the Carpathian Basin. Amy N. Karabowicz.
10 Add to calendar The quantitative genetic analysis of craniometric phenotype of Yin Ruins population, Anyang. Letian He, Wu Liu.
11 Add to calendar Demography and Health of the Hellenistic to Early Christian burial samples from Ayioi Omoloyites neighborhood in Nicosia, Cyprus. Nicholas P. Herrmann, Krysten A. Cruz, Christopher A. Wolfe, Despo Pilides, Yiannis Violaris.
12 Add to calendar Local or migrant? Insight into culture complexity using stable oxygen isotopes at Himera. Chrysanthi Violaris, Laurie J. Reitsema, Katherine L. Reinberger, Britney Kyle, Pier Francesco Fabbri, Steano Vasallo.
13 Add to calendar Diet and Culture at the Greek Colony Himera. Chelsea Batchelder, Laurie J. Reitsema, Britney Kyle, Katherine L. Reinberger, Stefano Vassallo, Pier Francesco Fabbri.
14 Add to calendar Isotopic assessment of the Saladoid and post-Saladoid (AD 125-1395) remains from the Red House Site, Trinidad and Tobago. Laura Van Voorhis, George D. Kamenov, Basil A. Reid, John Krigbaum.
15 Add to calendar Stable Isotope Analysis of Childhood Diet at 1st Century B.C./A.D. Petra, Jordan. Mallory Provan, Megan Perry, Robert H. Tykot.
16 Add to calendar Methodological issues in the analysis of fragmentary and commingled subadult remains at the Ayioi Omoloyites tombs of Roman to Early Christian Period Cyprus. Christopher A. Wolfe, Nicholas P. Herrmann, Krysten A. Cruz, Despo Pilides, Yiannis Violaris.
17 Add to calendar Perinatal health as an indicator of Maternal health factors during the Roman Civil War: preliminary analysis of the Put Dragulina Cemetery, Trogir, Croatia. Anna J. Osterholtz.
18 Add to calendar Rome wasn't built in a day: biomolecular analysis of ancient Romans. Flavio De Angelis, Cristina Martínez-Labarga, Anders Götherström, Valentina Gazzaniga, Paola Catalano, Olga Rickards.
19 Add to calendar Feeding Romans in the Early Middle Ages: nutritional patterns in several Roman communities. Sara Varano, Flavio De Angelis, Andrea Battistini, Walter Pantano, Paola Catalano, Valentina Gazzaniga, Cristina Martínez-Labarga, Olga Rickards.
20 Add to calendar Assessing biological susceptibility to epidemic disease in mass grave contexts from Roman period Oymaağaç, Turkey. Kathryn E. Marklein.
21 Add to calendar Multi-Isotope Analysis to Reconstruct Dietary and Migration Patterns of an Avar Population from Sajópetri, Hungary, AD 568-895. Liotta Noche-Dowdy, Robert H. Tykot, George D. Kamenov, Erin H. Kimmerle.
22 Add to calendar Integrated macroscopic and isotopic analyses to examine ‘stress’ during periods of political transition in Transylvania, Romania. Kayla D. Crowder, Janet Montgomery, Charlotte A. Roberts, Darren R. Gröcke, Mihai Gligor, Nyaradi Zsolt.
23 Add to calendar The Impact of Status and Sex in Mortality in a Hungarian Avar Period Population Assessed Using Hazard Analysis. Katherine E. Weisensee, Anne K. Shillinglaw, Zsolt Bereczki.
24 Add to calendar Examining Status in Medieval Italy: Using Skeletal Indicators to Identify Socioeconomic Status in Mortuary Samples. Giuseppe Vercellotti, Marissa C. Stewart.
25 Add to calendar Who settled Berlin?: Understanding migration through oxygen and strontium isotope analysis. Jane Holmstrom, Kristina Killgrove, Benjamin J. Schaefer, Bethany L. Turner.
26 Add to calendar Analyzing skeletal frailty in Medieval Poland. Alexandra Tuggle, Kathryn Marklein, Douglas E. Crews.
27 Add to calendar Milk and Honey: Isotopic Reconstruction of Infant Weaning in Medieval Transylvania. Maddeline R. Voas, Kristina Killgrove, Jonathan D. Bethard, Robert H. Tykot, Andre Gonciar, Zsolt Nyárádi.
28 Add to calendar Diet and Disease in Medieval Berlin: Dental Pathology Data from the Medieval Cemetery of Petriplatz. Mariana Zechini, Kristina Killgrove, Claudia M. Melisch, Natasha Powers, Bettina Jungklaus.
29 Add to calendar Stress and frailty in Medieval Prussia: Interpretations from skeletal remains at Bezławki. Katherine Gaddis, Ariel Gruenthal-Rankin, Marissa Ramsier, Arkadiusz Koperkiewicz, Marek Polcyn.
30 Add to calendar Limb bone diaphyseal structure reflects population relationships in a pan-European sample. Brigitte Holt, Gina Agostini.
31 Add to calendar Estimating stature and sex from incomplete postcranial remains in a late Medieval Prussian population at Bezławki, Poland. Marissa Ramsier, Ariel Gruenthal-Rankin, Arkadiusz Koperkiewicz, Marek Polcyn.
32 Add to calendar A case of systematic unilateral degenerative joint disease (UDJD) in 14th-17th century Transylvania and its implications for the effect of mining on population health. Priscilla B. Mollard.
33 Add to calendar Body size and social status in medieval and post-medieval Italy: A comparison of Alba (CN) and Trino (VC). Nicole M. Weiss, Giuseppe Vercellotti, Rosa Boano, Marilena Girotti, Sam D. Stout.
34 Add to calendar Tracing the victims of the 16th/17th century plagues in western Istria - bioarchaeological analysis of a mass grave from Umag. Mario Novak, Ivor Jankovic, Branka Milosevic, Anika Mijanovic.
35 Add to calendar Neonatal and postnatal mortality in Roccapelago through the study of human skeletal remains and parish records. Carla Figus, Mirko Traversari, Lucia M. Scalise, Laura Buti, Antonino Vazzana, Rita Sorrentino, Gregorio Oxilia, Stefano Benazzi.
36 Add to calendar Secular change in Croatian male crania: 1812-1973. Ileana Ilas, Richard L. Jantz, Douglas Owsley, Mario Šlaus.
37 Add to calendar Somebody call a doctor!: Identifying limitations in using clinical data to interpret health in human skeletal remains from a Post-Medieval English cemetery. Sarah E. Blessing, Charlotte Roberts.
38 Add to calendar Sex and Status: Childhood Mortality Risk During the Industrial Era. Sarah Reedy.
39 Add to calendar A probable case of extradural meningioma in a twentieth-century cranium from the Francisc I. Rainer Anthropological Collection in Bucharest, Romania. Shannon E. Caldwell, Thomas A. Crist, Mihai Constantinescu.
40 Add to calendar Reevaluating human skull variability in aboriginal population of Gran Canaria (Canary Island, Spain): A three-dimensional geometric morphometrics approach. Alexia Serrano-Ramos, Juan Manuel Jiménez-Arenas, José Antonio Esquivel-Guerrero.