The 88th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2019)

Session 27. Human Skeletal Biology: Variation and Variability. Contributed Posters. Chair: Waxenbaum, Erin

March 29, 2019 , CC Ballroom BC Add to calendar
Poster setup
Poster session opens
Even number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
Odd number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
1 Add to calendar Pelvic sexual dimorphism: The relationship between sacral slope, body mass, and greater sciatic notch shape. Sarah M. Zaleski.
2 Add to calendar A natural history of the femoral neck. Alexander G. Claxton.
3 Add to calendar Variation in Sexual Dimorphism Due to Climatic Stress. Maria E. Feiler, Erin B. Waxenbaum.
4 Add to calendar Ontogenetic processes in the nasal cavity among Alaskan Inuits: Implications for respiratory adaptations in cold-dry environments. Lauren N. Butaric, Scott D. Maddux, Christina L. Nicholas, Andrej Evteev.
5 Add to calendar Talar forces and moments in turning. Steven G. Lautzenheiser, Adam D. Sylvester, Patricia A. Kramer.
6 Add to calendar Measuring entheseal morphology of the opponens pollicis muscle in digital and physical specimens of Homo sapiens. Lucyna A. Bowland, Matthew W. Tocheri, Caley M. Orr.
7 Add to calendar Geometric morphometric assessment of skull symmetry in 6-8.0 year old humans. Jessica M. Cronin, Ana M. Shaughnessy, Jane Vannaheuang, Laura E. Cirillo, Gary D. Richards, Rebecca S. Jabbour.
8 Add to calendar Ontogeny of human cranial vault microstructure. Daniela Lombardo, Hélène Coqueugniot, Thomas Colard.
9 Add to calendar Investigating covariation between cranial vault thickness and brain size. Hannah E. Marsh.
10 Add to calendar Relationship between chondrocranial-derived components of the nasal complex and cranial base. Todd R. Yokley, Benjamin Jacobson, Jill E. Scott, Nathan E. Holton.
11 Add to calendar Middle meningeal arteriovenous and dural sinus variation in 6-8.0 year old humans. Isabelle B. Reich, Pina S. Simone, Cortney M. Connor, Chloe Lee, Tiffany W. Shien, Rebecca S. Jabbour, Gary D. Richards.
12 Add to calendar 3D geometric morphometric analyses of the human torso morphology reveal new understandings about the torso integration in primates. Nicole Torres-tamayo, Daniel García-martínez, Shahed Nalla, Alon Barash, Scott A. Williams, Esther Blanco-pérez, Federico Mata-escolano, Juan alberto Sanchis-gimeno, Markus Bastir.
13 Add to calendar To Correct for Size or Not: Examining the Problem Using the Pelvis. Hillary DelPrete.
14 Add to calendar An automated tool for measuring human limb bones using 2D images. Amanda B. Lee, Peng Li, Derek W. Hoiem.
15 Add to calendar Patterns of Skeletal Asymmetry in the Human Pelvis. Amandine Eriksen, Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel.
16 Add to calendar Morphological integration and modularity in the humerus of modern humans. Marianne F. Brasil.
17 Add to calendar Length variation in the upper limbs and hands of modern Thai skeletons. D. Troy. Case, Kristen R. R. Savell.
18 Add to calendar Sacroiliac joint fusion in nulliparous and parous females and males. Meredith N. Aulds.