The 88th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2019)

Session 30. Forensic Anthropology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Nicole Siegel

March 29, 2019 , CC Ballroom BC Add to calendar
Poster setup
Poster session opens
Even number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
Odd number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
1 Add to calendar The Frequency and Distribution of Drug Research Across the American Journal of Physical Anthropology: Does Drug Use Affect Skeletal Biology?. Micayla C. Spiros, Hayden S. McKee.
2 Add to calendar Research from records: retrieving and sharing useful data from a non-research database. Shamsi Daneshvari Berry, Heather JH. Edgar.
3 Add to calendar Current and proposed qualifications for forensic anthropologists. Nicholas V. Passalacqua, Marin A. Pilloud.
4 Add to calendar NMDID: A new research resource for biological anthropology. Heather J.H. Edgar, Shamsi R. Daneshvari Berry.
5 Add to calendar Using Elliptical Fourier Analysis to Validate the Use of Upper-Facial Traits in the Construction of the Biological Profile. Jordan R. Lewman, Stephen P. Nawrocki, Krista E. Latham.
6 Add to calendar Multi-Isotopic Investigation to Determine the Provenance of an Unidentified Female. Gennifer Goad, Kirsten Verostick, Erin Kimmerle, George Kamenov.
7 Add to calendar Differentiating human skeletal remains through energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF). Kathryn Campeau.
8 Add to calendar Best Practices for the Macerating Human Thyroid Cartilage. Alexis M. LaGoy, Tessa Somogyi, Elizabeth A. Evangelou, Elizabeth A. DiGangi.
9 Add to calendar A Retrospective Analysis of Qualitative Postmortem Interval Estimation in Louisiana. Sophia I. Reck.
10 Add to calendar Features of Decomposition from an Accidental Burial with a Defined Postmortem Interval in a Northern Latitude State. Phoebe R. Stubblefield.
11 Add to calendar Out in the Cold: How cold temperatures and weather conditions influence the rate of decomposition in pig proxies (Sus scrofa). Katharine C. Woollen.
12 Add to calendar Shape analysis of the pubic symphyseal outline in a modern human sample. Megan J. Rue, Chelsea C. Cataldo-Ramirez, Rhian R. Dunn, Heather M. Garvin.
13 Add to calendar Application of the 3D quantitative shape analysis method for age assessment from os coxae in European samples. Anezka Koterova, Jana Veleminska, Eugénia Cunha, Jaroslav Bruzek.
14 Add to calendar Reconsidering osteoarthritis as a skeletal age indicator. Allysha P. Winburn, Michala K. Stock.
15 Add to calendar Withdrawn. Testing the applicability of shape-based computational age-at-death estimation methods using pubic symphyseal surface scans of Asian Origin. Jieun Kim, Bridget FB. Algee-Hewitt, Detelina K. Stoyanova, Cristina Figueroa-Soto, Dennis E. Slice.
16 Add to calendar Testing a computational approach for estimating age-at-death on a modern Portuguese population. Liam J. Johnson, Jonathan D. Bethard.
17 Add to calendar ­Quantifying error in virtual data collection: the impact of MSCT scan segmentation protocol and inter-observer error in 3-D landmark placement on the human subadult pelvis. Michala K. Stock, Louise K. Corron, Laura E. Cirillo, Heather M. Garvin, Cortney N. Hulse, Stephanie J. Cole, Kyra E. Stull, Alexandra R. Klales.
18 Add to calendar Estimating Body Mass for Subadults: A Radiographic Study of the Femur. Erin F. E. Pinkston, Sheena Glasgow, Ariel Gruenthal-Rankin, Marissa Ramsier, Sherwin Chan.
19 Add to calendar Assessing the potential of ilium outlines, greater sciatic notch metrics, and indices of pubic/ischial length for subadult sex estimation. Heather M. Garvin, Kieran Severa, Elizabeth Ternent, Michala K. Stock, Laura Cirillo, Kyra E. Stull.
20 Add to calendar A test of Wescott’s second cervical vertebra sex estimation method on a middle-aged to senescent sample. Kimberly M. Raymond, Danielle K. Julien, Lindsay C. Cooper, Kali A. West, Elizabeth A. Digangi.
21 Add to calendar Determining sex in forensic anthropology: A review of proposed methodologies. Stephanie A. Waltman.
22 Add to calendar Sexual Dimorphism in the Proximal Phalanges of the Hand: Verification of Logistic Regression analysis methods. Ian T. Noble, Dawn Mulhern.
23 Add to calendar Expression of Sexual Dimorphism Among the German, Irish, and Italian Ancestry Groups in the Huntington Collection. Ashley Espinoza, David R. Hunt, Gene Hunt.
24 Add to calendar Testing the effectiveness of methods for estimating biological sex from subadult skeletal remains. Dorota Zabnicka.
25 Add to calendar Facial masculinity-femininity and socioeconomic status: A study of sub-Saharan Africans’ 3D facial models. Anas Ibrah. Yahaya, Christophe Soligo.
26 Add to calendar Estimating Sex Using the Human Mandibular Canine. Brittney L. Blevins.
27 Add to calendar An examination of musculoskeletal markers to analyze activity levels of a documented modern population using the Coimbra method. Emilie L. Wiedenmeyer, M. Kate Spradley, Nicholas P. Herrmann.
28 Add to calendar Identifying Intracranial Complications of Sinusitis From Skeletonized Remains: Forensic and Bioarchaeological Implications. Samantha M. McCrane.
29 Add to calendar The Effects of Orthopedic Pathologies on the Prevalence of Hip Osteoarthritis. Aubrie M. Sanchez, Sean D. Tallman.
30 Add to calendar Variability of saw blades and saw marks measured from nonhuman bone: Implications for the evaluation of accuracy of microscopic saw mark analysis. Alicia R. Grosso, Sharon A. Toth, Deborah L. Neidich.
31 Add to calendar Relationships between individual level variables and fracture characteristics in human ribs subjected to anterior-posterior loading. Angela L. Harden, Victoria M. Dominguez, Amanda M. Agnew.
32 Add to calendar Fracture Patterning and Distribution in the Appendicular Skeleton as a Result of a Blast Event. Katherine M. Lane, Alice F. Gooding.
33 Add to calendar The curious case of goldenhar-gorlin syndrome: Identification and skeletal manifestation. Dayanira Lopez, Heather Walsh-Haney.
34 Add to calendar A Comparison of Gunshot Wound Trauma between Physical Crania and 3D Printed Models. Jessica E. Sanger, Elizabeth A. DiGangi.
35 Add to calendar The Relationship Between Localized Bone Density and the Area and Perimeter of Exit Wounds. Elizabeth A. Evangelou, Tessa Somogyi, Kevin E. Sheridan, Elizabeth A. DiGangi.
36 Add to calendar Estimation of Bullet Construction from Cranial Entrance and Exit Wound Diameters. Tessa Somogyi, Elizabeth A. Evangelou, Kevin E. Sheridan, Elizabeth A. DiGangi.
37 Add to calendar Isotopic Analyses in Contemporary Forensic Cases from Coconino County, Arizona. Taylor Lambrigger, Corina M. Kellner, Lawrence Czarnecki, Frank Ramos.
38 Add to calendar Variation of Skeletal Growth and Development Patterns in Populations with Diverse Socio-Economic Backgrounds. Louise K. Corron, Kyra E. Stull, Yueran Yang.
39 Add to calendar Secular Change in Popular Morphological Traits of the Skull and Pelvis. Alexandra R. Klales, Holly Long.
40 Add to calendar Interpreting intra-population variability from dental morphology and tooth dimensions of a modern Seminole Native American sample. Madelyn K. Green, Sean D. Tallman.
41 Add to calendar Nonmetric cranial trait expression in pre-contact Southwest Native Americans and modern Asians. Megan L. Atkinson, Sean D. Tallman.
42 Add to calendar Nasofacial skeletal differentiation among Equatorial Africans, Europeans and African-Americans. Alexis S. Williams, Adam D. Foster, Robert G. Franciscus.
43 Add to calendar Secular change in macromorphoscopic trait frequencies in modern European Americans. Grace S. Kilroy, B.S., Sean D. Tallman, Ph.D..
44 Add to calendar A Forensic Anthropological Perspective on Latin American Genetic Diversity. Briana T. New, Kate Spradley, Lars Fehren-Schmitz.