The 88th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2019)

Session 50. Paleopathology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Mant, Madeleine

March 30, 2019 , CC Ballroom BC Add to calendar
Poster setup
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Odd number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
1 Add to calendar Cranial injuries in the Bronze Age sample from Bezdanjača cave, Croatia. Ivor Jankovic, Mario Novak.
2 Add to calendar Violence and Geographic Fluidity: Using Incremental Strontium Isotopes to Track Geographic Residence Throughout the Life Course in Prehistoric Arequipa, Peru. Cassandra K. Scaffidi, George Kamenov, Gwyneth Gordon, Cristina Tica, Rebecca Ulloa, Kelly Knudson, John Krigbaum.
3 Add to calendar Integrative archaeometrical and osteological approach suggests violent deaths for Dutch colonizers in 17th Century Northeastern Brazil. Andre Luiz Campelo dos Santos, Henry Socrates Lavalle Sullasi, Sergio Francisco Serafim Monteiro da Silva.
4 Add to calendar Reconstruction of intentional violence in the Central European Early Medieval: perimortem axe skull injuries at Pohansko-Břeclav. Margit Berner, Jiří Macháček, Vladimír Sládek.
5 Add to calendar Colonialism and Structural Violence: Implications for Childhood Physiological Stress and Mortality Risk. Carey J. Garland, Laurie J. Reitsema.
6 Add to calendar Similarities and differences in cranial trauma in high and low status cemeteries in Colonial Mexico City. Paige Lynch, Catherine Willermet, Emily Moes, Heather Edgar, Corey Ragsdale.
7 Add to calendar Analysis of an American Heroine?: The Skeletal Remains from the Gravesite of “Captain” Molly Corbin. Elizabeth A. DiGangi.
8 Add to calendar Nonspecific Stress and Age-at-Death in Colonial Period North Coast Peru. Megann Phillips, Haagen D. Klaus, Daniel H. Temple.
9 Add to calendar Demographic reconstruction of health and disease at the St. Lawrence County Poorhouse, Canton, NY. Madeleine L. Mant, Mindy Pitre, Caroline McCarthy, Abbie Hale.
10 Add to calendar Comparative Analysis of the Health of Free Blacks in the Northeast, South and Southwest. Evonne D. Turner-Byfield.
11 Add to calendar A Case of Maternal and Perinatal Death in the Spring and Autumn Period in Jinnan region of China. Tao Han, Sen You, Sunzifeng Ruan, Xingyu Man, Xuezhu Liao, Anqi Wang, Shiyu Yang.
12 Add to calendar Rich grave goods, bad health? The preliminary results of the bioarchaeological study of the Middle Bronze Age cremation burials from Jagodnjak, Eastern Croatia. Mario Novak, Ivor Jankovic, Dinko Tresic Pavicic.
13 Add to calendar Skeletal trauma as an indicator of past living conditions in Medieval Cambridge. Jenna M. Dittmar, Piers D. Mitchell, Craig Cessford, Sarah Inskip, Benjamin Neil, Isabella K. Sealey, John Robb.
14 Add to calendar Stress in Greek Mother Cities and Colonies. Nyakeh K. Tuchscherer.
15 Add to calendar Mortuary based variation in early stress experiences at CA-CCO-138. Colleen M. Cheverko.
16 Add to calendar Relations between cultural perceptions of childhood and childhood stress in an ancient Greek colony. Madison R. Kaye, Britney Kyle, Stefano Vassallo, Laurie J. Reitsema.
17 Add to calendar Post-mortem Birth, Death in Childbirth, or Mortuary Practices? A Case Study From Bronze Age China. Ashley Shults, Ruilin Mao, Hui Wang, Ivy Yeh-hui Yuan, Sara Juengst.
18 Add to calendar EMPHASIS: Environmental Mismatch in Primates and Humans, Anthropogenic Impacts and Settings Survey. Andrea R. Eller, Stephanie Canington, Rita M. Austin, Courtney A. Hofman, Sabrina B. Sholts.
19 Add to calendar Reconstructing host immune status in acquired syphilis: a bioarchaeological and immunological approach. Megan E. Duncanson, Molly K. Zuckerman, Sharon DeWitte, Fabian Crespo.
20 Add to calendar Assessment of pathological conditions found in Andean Holocene inhabitants of Cuncaicha rock shelter, Peru. Michael Francken, Judith Beier, Hugo Reyes-Centeno, Kurt Rademaker, Katerina Harvati.
21 Add to calendar Diagnosing SAPHO syndrome in human remains. Julie Anna Margolis, Mark Hubbe, Melissa M. Quinn.
22 Add to calendar Macroscopic analysis of periosteal new bone in human long bones. Eric Frauenhofer.
23 Add to calendar A probable case of cranial osteopenia in aboriginal societies from northern Argentina. Hilton Drube, Susana Martínez, Elina Silvera, Susana Salceda, Guillermo Lamenza.
24 Add to calendar Proximate and Ultimate Causes of Rising NCD Mortality in the Mississippi State Asylum (1855-1935), Jackson, MS. Ashley C. Dafoe, Molly K. Zuckerman, Nicholas P. Herrmann, Amber M. Plemons, Brittany N. Higgs.
25 Add to calendar Oral health and osteoarthritis: impacts from social and environmental variation among Iron Age steppe groups of southern Siberia and Inner Asia. Jacqueline T. Eng, Michelle Machicek.
26 Add to calendar Osteoarthritis and osteophytosis in the vertebral column in two prehistoric populations from the semi-arid north of Chile. Danielle K. Julien, Kimberly M. Raymond.
27 Add to calendar Back-breaking poverty: Schmorl’s nodes in institutionalized and impoverished populations in the late 19th and early 20th century United States. Lori A. Tremblay.
28 Add to calendar A Study on Spondyloarthritis of Individuals from Taosi North Cemetery. Xingyu Man, Sunzifeng Ruan, Pingyuan Mu, Xuezhu Liao.
29 Add to calendar The role of social status in spinal degenerative joint disease outcomes: Evidence from Medieval Villamagna, Italy (800-1450 AD). Katherine M. Kinkopf, Sabrina C. Agarwal, Caroline Goodson, Francesca Candilio, Alfredo Coppa, Mauro Rubini.
30 Add to calendar Development of a Radiological Checklist for Differential Diagnosis of Cancer and Neoplastic Disease in Mummified Human Remains. Jennifer Willoughby, Andrew Nelson.
31 Add to calendar A bioarchaeology of care case study: Possible Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis from 14th-15th century Transylvania. Kirsten A. Verostick, Katherine M. Padula, Devin N. Williams, Zsolt Nyaradi, Andre Gonciar, Jonathan D. Bethard.
32 Add to calendar Severe skeletal lesions associated with a documented case of juvenile leukemia. Julia Meyers, Ellie Gooderham, Luísa Marinho, Harman Nahal, Katherine Nichols, Derek O'Neill, Laure Spake, Hugo FV. Cardoso.
33 Add to calendar Physical (in)activity and the etiology of osteoarthritis. Ian J. Wallace, Grant Riew, Rebecca Landau, Nicholas B. Holowka, Alison M. Bendele, Alan J. Grodzinsky, Eliot H. Frank, Daniel E. Lieberman.
34 Add to calendar The importance of age-at-death in orbital roof lesion analysis. Brianna Gardner, Tina Jakob.
35 Add to calendar Arthropathic changes in the human skeletal remains from the Eastern Zhou China. Kate Pechenkina, Wenquan Fan.