The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 1. Forensic Anthropology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Melissa S. Murphy

April 16, 2020 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Platinum Ballroom Add to calendar
8:00AM Poster setup
9:00AM Poster session opens
2:00PM Odd number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
5:30PM Even number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
6:30PM Poster removal
1 Add to calendar Predicting human appearance from aDNA: first insights in an Imperial Rome sample. Virginia Veltre, Flavio De Angelis, Olga Rickards.
2 Add to calendar DNA integrity in forensic samples. Samantha Ramey, Meradeth H. Snow.
3 Add to calendar A child on display: Approaches in understanding a found mummified medical specimen. Bailey B. Borreson, Allison J. Foley.
4 Add to calendar Global Variation of Rocker Jaw. Andrea Sbei, Scarlett Boling, Mason McKinney, G. Richard Scott.
5 Add to calendar Exploring the difference in variation in development and eruption of second and third molars in adolescence. Ariela Marie A. Adame, Heather J. Nesbitt, Phara White, Laura E. Cirillo.
6 Add to calendar Self-Reported Childhood Socioeconomic Status and Dental Health in the William M. Bass Donated Skeletal Collection. Lydia Blizzard, Haley E. Horbaly.
7 Add to calendar Global variation in dental crowding. Dori E. Kenessey, Tatiana Vlemincq-Mendieta, G. Richard Scott, Marin A. Pilloud.
8 Add to calendar Cranial variation in a historic Icelandic population and a modern ‘U.S. White’ population. Samantha M. McCrane.
9 Add to calendar Sniffing out decomposition: Investigating the reliability of human remains detection dogs. Kristen M. Nawn.
10 Add to calendar A catalog and methodology in the study of the fourth bone of the rib to estimate the age in the population of Durango, Mexico. Cindy C. Sandoval, Víctor M. López.
11 Add to calendar  The application of GIS to three-dimensional scans of the auricular surface of the ilium to create a new age estimation method using the Hamann-Todd Osteological Collection. Krista E. Bennett.
12 Add to calendar An Examination of the Subpubic Region, Greater Sciatic Notch, and Obturator Foramen Variation in Thai Individuals Using Elliptical Fourier Analysis. Rachel E. Chaney, Sean D. Tallman, Gregg Harbaugh.
13 Add to calendar Age-at-death estimation from features of the first rib. Ellen Dooley, Sean D. Tallman.
14 Add to calendar A test of interobserver error in radiating fracture measurement techniques. Elizabeth A. Evangelou, Tessa Somogyi, Alyssa B. Felberbaum, Mallory J. Peters, Amoyien K. Thompson, Daniela Santamaria vargas, Elizabeth A. Digangi.
15 Add to calendar A pilot study examining gunshot radiating fracture pathways using virtual methods. Tessa Somogyi, Elizabeth A. Evangelou, Elizabeth A. Digangi.
16 Add to calendar Faunal species identification from basic skeletal measurements: Differentiating 21 medium-to-large sized mammals. Heather M. Garvin, Rachel Dunn, Sabrina B. Sholts, M. Schuyler Litten, Andrea Clendaniel, Elizabeth Dougher, Noah Skantz.
17 Add to calendar Learning From Those Who Served: Application of Regression-based Body Mass Estimation Methods to The USS Oklahoma Population. Maxwell S. Rooney, Emily Hammerl.
18 Add to calendar The Effects of Labor on the Biomechanical Properties of the Femora and the Humeri in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Shelby Garza, Daniel Wescott.
19 Add to calendar The Morphology of Ballistic Trauma. Stephanie A. Baker, Jennifer R. Kiely.
20 Add to calendar Improving juvenile stature estimation by incorporating maturational data. Makenna B. Lenover, Maja Šešelj.
21 Add to calendar Common Skeletal Fracture Patterns of Juvenile Remains. Alexis Flannery, Cortney N. Hulse, Kyra Stull.
22 Add to calendar A preliminary study on the relationship between age-at-death, BMI and age-at-death estimations using pelvic indicators. Naomi S. Levin.
23 Add to calendar Exploring age related changes in cortical bone in indiviudals over 50 using radiographs. Jacob M. Cook M.A., Nicholas P. Herrmann PhD.
24 Add to calendar Estimating human age at death using 3-D confocal profilometry to quantify pubic symphyseal breakdown. Connie D. Fellmann, Michael C. Pante, Andrew Du, Gretchen Crouch.
25 Add to calendar Sacral Traits as Age Indicators: A Validation Study. Tamara L. Tyner.
26 Add to calendar Establishing a biological profile using your smartphone. Eric Frauenhofer.
27 Add to calendar Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Categorization of Human Skeletal Remains. Kelsi Kuehn, Matthieu Baudelet.
28 Add to calendar Soft and hard tissue relationships of the mouth in a southern African population. Tobias M.R. Houlton, Nicolene Jooste, Jason Hemingway, Andre Uys, Maryna Steyn.
29 Add to calendar Exploring Sexual Dimorphism of Ancestral Cranial Nonmetric Traits in Modern European Americans. Savannah R. Mills, Sean D. Tallman.
30 Add to calendar Quantifying the emergence of sexually dimorphic traits using Walker (2008) and evaluating method performance in subadult sex estimation. Stephanie J. Cole, Kyra E. Stull.
31 Add to calendar Differences in sexual dimorphism between two Central European populations evaluated using external morphology of the frontal bone. Marketa Cechova, Jan Dupej, Jaroslav Bruzek, Sarka Bejdova, Radoslav Benus, Jana Veleminska.
32 Add to calendar Sacrococcygeal fusion and its implications with age estimation and sexual dimorphism. Paulina Dominguez Acosta, Hannah N. Treviño.
33 Add to calendar A re-evaluation of the Atterton technique: A method for sex estimation using the clavicle. Sadie R. Friend, Cassady Urista.
34 Add to calendar Examination of sex differences in condylar arthritis of the mandible using a documented osteological collection. Katherine M. Lane, Frank L. Williams.
35 Add to calendar Postcranial sex estimation for unidentified migrants along the U.S. Southern Border. Stephanie Medrano, Molly Kaplan, Kate Spradley, Gillian Fowler, Cris Hughes.
36 Add to calendar Development of the cranial sexual dimorphism during aging. Jana Veleminska, Nikol Fleischmannova, Barbora Musilova, Jan Dupej, Sarka Bejdova, Jaroslav Bruzek.
37 Add to calendar Sex estimation using the calcaneus in a modern American skeletal population. Leighann Wharton.
38 Add to calendar Sexual dimorphism in the human calcaneus using 3D geometric morphometric methods. Maria C. Serrangeli, Rita Sorrentino, Maria G. Belcastro, Stefano Benazzi, Robin N.M. Feeney.
39 Add to calendar A three-dimensional morphometric comparison of cranium of females and males in Israel. Tom Kosenkov, Ella Been, Alon Barash.
40 Add to calendar Human Cadaver Bacterial Succession Comparison in Two Depositions: Surface vs Shallow Burial. Sarah L. Cunningham, Krithivasan Sankaranarayanan.
41 Add to calendar Performance of adaptive boosting classifier based on incomplete dataset in biological sex prediction using postcranial bones. MennattAllah H. Attia, Mohammed H. Attia.
42 Add to calendar Reconciling Skeletal Indicators of Stress with Lived Experiences: A Case Study From the U.S.-Mexico Border. Lauren G. Koutlias, Diana Newberry, Michelle D. Hamilton, Kate Spradley.
43 Add to calendar The effect of clothing on decomposition in the cooler months in Cape Town, South Africa. Maximilian J. Spies, Devin A. Finaughty, Louise J. Friedling, Victoria E. Gibbon.
44 Add to calendar Applicability of tooth measurements in estimating ancestry between modern Japanese and Florida Seminole samples. Madelyn K. Green, Mark Hubbe, Sean D. Tallman.
45 Add to calendar How many tooth hops does it take to accurately measure saw blade teeth-per-inch in bone?. Alicia R. Grosso, Anne Begley, Sharon A. Toth.
46 Add to calendar Ancestry catches up to modern times: A new technique evaluating morphological traits using 3D technology. Elisabeth Cuerrier-Richer, Tracy L. Rogers.
47 Add to calendar Correlation Between Saw Blade Width and Kerf Width. Melissa D. Menschel, James T. Pokines.