The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 2. Bioarchaeology: Techniques and Methods. Contributed Posters. Chair: Melissa S. Murphy

April 16, 2020 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Platinum Ballroom Add to calendar
8:00AM Poster setup
9:00AM Poster session opens
2:00PM Odd number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
5:30PM Even number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
6:30PM Poster removal
1 Add to calendar A reassessment of E. A. Hooton’s metric analyses of crania from Madisonville, an Ohio Fort Ancient site (1275-1640 C.E.). M. Loring Burgess, Michèle E. Morgan.
2 Add to calendar Intra-populational variation in non-metric cranial traits for ancestry determination. A case study with European populations. Alessandra Vecino Gazabon.
3 Add to calendar Accuracy of age estimation through Transition Analysis in the Hamann-Todd Collection. Allyson M. Simon, Mark Hubbe.
4 Add to calendar Fertility and growth rate estimation based on age-at-death composition of skeletal sample: Stochastic approach accounting for sample size. Patrik Galeta, Anna Pankowská.
5 Add to calendar Variation in Sexual Dimorphism Across Differing Köppen-Geiger Climate Classifications. Maria E. Feiler, Erin B. Waxenbaum, Sarah A. Schrader, Carla L. Burrell, Menno Hoogland.
6 Add to calendar MNI and sex estimation in two Umm an-Nar tombs from the UAE. Jaime Ullinger, Lesley Gregoricka, Cháylee Arellano, Quentin Burke, Victoria Calvin, Charles Downey, Rachel Heil, Alyssa McGrath, Silvio Ernesto Mirabal Torres, Jeremy Simmons.
7 Add to calendar Sex determination of human deciduous teeth from three millennia via amelogenic isoform identification. Lukas Janker, Anna Hadobas, Dina Schuster, Christopher Gerner, Katharina Rebay-Salisbury, Fabian Kanz.
8 Add to calendar Transverse Lines: An Exploration of Bilateral Symmetry in Subadult Remains and a Re-Assessment of Their Utility in Bioarchaeological Studies. Margot Serra.
9 Add to calendar Visualising mastoiditis with a potable X-ray system. Samantha L. Purchase, Elizabeth Craig-Atkins, Pia Nystrom, Jaydip Ray.
10 Add to calendar An examination of the frequency and etiology of cribra orbitalia and porotic hyperostosis using computed tomography (CT) scans of a contemporary sample from New Mexico. Ethan C. Hill, Lexi O'Donnell, Amy S. Anderson, Heather J.H. Edgar.
11 Add to calendar Examining Bone Collagen and Carbonate Stable Isotope Ratio Homogeneity via Different Homogenization Methods. Chelsea Batchelder, Sammantha Holder, Thomas Maddox, Laurie J. Reitsema, Tosha Dupras, Rimantas Jankauskas.
13 Add to calendar Testing the Relationship between Histological Integrity and Protein Content in Diagenesis Using Adult and Immature Bones. Kathleen I. Downey.
14 Add to calendar Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence Imaging of Biogenic and Experimentally-Induced Diagenetic Lead Exposure in Modern and Archaeological Bone. Rachel Simpson, Tamara L. Varney, Treena Swanston, Ian Coulthard, David M.L. Cooper.
15 Add to calendar From the Bay to Belize: changes in genetic diversity over time. Lauren C. Springs, James F. Garber, Deborah A. Bolnick.
16 Add to calendar Species Identification Provides Information on Trade of Bear Paws in Chinese Diaspora Communities of the 19th Century. Kristine G. Beaty, Brittany Bingham, Mary Faith Flores, Cara Monroe, J. Ryan Kennedy, Brian M. Kemp.
17 Add to calendar Osteology and Paleogenomics: Comparing Applications Using Commingled and Fragmented Pelvis Material from Midnight Terror Cave, Belize to Examine the Sex Dynamics of Human Sacrifice. Cristina Verdugo, Nasreen Broomand, Kimberly Zhu, Lars Fehren-Schmitz.
18 Add to calendar Preliminary Analysis of the Commingled Ossuary at Brădești (Fenyéd), Harghita County, Transylvania, Romania. Sophia I. Reck, José L. Marrero-Rosado, Robert E. Mitchell, Meaghan J. Champney, Johanna E. Young, Marla Barreiro Sanchez, Andre Gonciar, Zsolt Nyárádi, Frankie West.
19 Add to calendar Death and Fire: Characterising the burning process and the cremation environment using archaeological burned human remains from Belgium. Elisavet Stamataki, Christophe Snoeck, Ioannis Kontopoulos, Marta Hlad, Kevin Salesse, Barbara Veselka, Amanda Sengeløv, Rica Annaert, Mathieu Boudin, Giacomo Capuzzo, Sarah Dalle, Guy De Mulder, Charlotte Sabaux, Eugène Warmenbol, Martine Vercauteren, Dries Tys.
20 Add to calendar boneMachine: An R Package for Rotation and Analysis of Computed Tomography Scans and Other Three-Dimensional Data. Aaron D. Blackwell, Amy S. Anderson.
21 Add to calendar The Past is 3D: using spatial analysis in interpreting an enigmatic mass grave. Brenna R. Hassett, Haluk Sağlamtimur.
22 Add to calendar An archaeothanatological approach to commingled and fragmentary remains. Tisa N. Loewen, Kenneth C. Nystrom.
23 Add to calendar Reconstructing Moty-Navaia Shamanka: A new Kitoi cemetery on the middle Irkut River. Rebecca L. Bourgeois, Angela R. Lieverse, Hugh McKenzie, Vladimir I. Bazaliiskii.
24 Add to calendar Excavations at the Crane Dune Site (41CR61): A Probable Burial Site and Prehistoric Habitation in West Texas. Brittany S. McClain, Robert Lassen, Timothy Griffith.
25 Add to calendar Mortuary Contexts in Palenque, Mexico: Bone needles as indirect evidence for the presence of mortuary dress in poorly preserved Prehispanic Maya burials. Mirko De Tomassi.
26 Add to calendar Bio-anthropological practice in contemporary South Africa: engaged critical approaches to research on human remains. Robyn A. Humphreys, Wendy Black, June Bam Hutchison, Rebecca R. Ackermann.
27 Add to calendar Molecular Archaeological Research on Horse Remains from Shatangbeiyuan Archaeological Site in Longde County, Ningxia Province. Chang Li, Ning Kang.
28 Add to calendar A Quantification of the Effect of Foraging Risk on the Prehistoric Foraging-Farming Transition in the Interior Eastern Woodlands of North America. Melissa G. Torquato, Erik R. Otárola-Castillo.
29 Add to calendar Using 3D Modelling to Tell Individual Stories from the American Civil War. Kristen E. Pearlstein, Terrie Simmons-Ehrhardt, Bernard K. Means, Brian F. Spatola, Angi M. Christensen, Richard M. Thomas, Mary R. Mani.