The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 5. Human Biology. Contributed Posters. Chair: Melissa S. Murphy

April 16, 2020 8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Platinum Ballroom Add to calendar
8:00AM Poster setup
9:00AM Poster session opens
2:00PM Odd number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
5:30PM Even number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
6:30PM Poster removal
1 Add to calendar Early 20th century polio mortality among non-Māori in New Zealand reflects flattened SES gradient. Heather T. Battles.
2 Add to calendar Healthy aging in non-WEIRD societies. Thomas S. Kraft, Benjamin Trumble, Hillard Kaplan, Angela Garcia, Jonathan Stieglitz, Michael Gurven.
3 Add to calendar Investment in innate immune defense in northern Kenya. Tin Tran, Masako Fujita.
4 Add to calendar Evaluating a “field-friendly” approach to cell culture: Can capillary blood replace venous?. Jacob E. Aronoff, Thomas W. McDade.
5 Add to calendar Relationships between macroparasite infection and cardiovascular/metabolic health among indigenous Amazonians experiencing rapid economic development. Tara J. Cepon-Robins, Theresa E. Gildner, Melissa A. Liebert, Samuel S. Urlacher, Felicia C. Madimenos, Geeta N. Eick, Lawrence S. Sugiyama, J Josh. Snodgrass.
6 Add to calendar Body Composition and Skeletal Acquisition in a Model of Chronic Stress. Taylor M. Spencer, Rebecca Tutino, Maureen J. Devlin.
7 Add to calendar Climbing and Canopy access in Human Foragers is not limited by Grip Strength or Endurance. Elaine E. Kozma, David B. Morgan, Crickette M. Sanz, Herman Pontzer.
8 Add to calendar Toward an improved nutritional ecology of hunters: Macronutrient and mineral composition of wild animals consumed through the “bushmeat” trade in Nigeria. Sagan Friant, Clement B.I. Alawa, Jessica M. Rothman.
9 Add to calendar An exploratory study of pica in Sierra Leone. Jennifer Danzy Cramer, Papanie Bai Sesay, Paula Pebsworth, Joshua D. Miller, Sera L. Young.
10 Add to calendar Household food production shows little effect on body size and composition in two samples of young adult women. Katharine MN. Lee, Mary P. Rogers, Andrzej Galbarczyk, Grazyna Jasienska, Kathryn Clancy.
11 Add to calendar Undernourished Amazon Brazilian children: still a problem?. Ligia A. Filgueiras, Hilton P. Silva, Edson MLS. Ramos, Edila AF. Moura, Ariana KLS. Silva.
12 Add to calendar Diet modification following the alteration of traditional adaptive strategies and community development in Maya maize agriculturalists from Yucatan, Mexico. Francisco D. Gurri.
13 Add to calendar Cold adaptations in the tropics? Evidence for undertaking a study on BAT activity in Polynesian samples. Alexandra Niclou, Cara Ocobock.
14 Add to calendar Epigenetic modulation of leptin's signaling by Uncoupling Protein Polymorphisms (UCP2 - UCP3) and serum lipids. Chad Gerhold, M.j. Mosher, Micheal H. Crawford.
15 Add to calendar Trade-off between resting metabolic rate and growth quality in men but not women. Daniel P. Longman, Sakura Oyama, James Cracknell, Nathan Thompson, Dan Gordon, Jay T. Stock, Jonathan CK. Wells.
16 Add to calendar Allometric correlates of infant mass growth rate variation. Steven R. Leigh, Daniel J. Naumenko, Nabeel Affara, David B. Dunger, Ken K. Ong, Andrew M. Prentice, Sophie E. Moore, Robin M. Bernstein.
17 Add to calendar Changes in body composition during short-term acclimatization to highly challenging environments. Mallika S. Sarma, Cara J. Ocobock, Shannon Rochelle, Sarah Martin, Lee T. Gettler.
18 Add to calendar Body proportion and somatotype of young male weightlifters from Merida, Mexico. Sudip Datta Banik.
19 Add to calendar How extreme are Kodhini’s twinning rates? A Geospatial and Temporal Look at Indian Twinning Rates. Raymond Blair, Joseph Bonner, Aadhyaa Shenoy, Savannah Ewing, Gregory Savarimuthu, Jancy Francis, Lorena Madrigal.
20 Add to calendar Development of a maternal stress measure associated with low birthweight. Lisa Nevell, Christopher J. Clukay, Chu Hsiao, Edward Quinn, Felicien M. Maisha, Connie J. Mulligan.
21 Add to calendar The Pregnancy Pickle: Evolved immune compensation due to pregnancy underlies sex differences in human diseases. Angela R. Garcia, Heini Natri, Kenneth Buetow, Benjamin C. Trumble, Melissa A. Wilson.
22 Add to calendar Endocrine-epigenetic mechanisms of disease induced by pregnancy exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. Marissa Sobolewski.
23 Add to calendar The role of dispersal and school attendance on reproductive dynamics in small populations. Shane J. Macfarlan, Ryan Schacht, Eric Schniter, Diego Guevara Beltran.
24 Add to calendar Factors associated with age at natural menopause among Nagas in Nagaland, India. Peteneinuo Rulu, Meenal Dhall, Lynnette Leidy. Sievert.
25 Add to calendar Mapping juvenile children’s salivary aldosterone and cortisone responses during athletic and non-athletic competition. Timothy S. McHale, Wai-chi Chee, Carolyn R. Hodges-Simeon, David T. Zava, Graham Albert, Ka-chun Chan, Peter B. Gray.
26 Add to calendar Women's Intimate Apparel as Subtle Sexual Signaling in Heterosexual Relationships. Lyndsey K. Craig.
27 Add to calendar The circle game: is seasonal workload responsible for birth seasonality?. Ilona Nenko, Agnieszka Micek, Grazyna Jasienska.
28 Add to calendar Physical anthropology, testosterone, and white nationalism: a call to action. Meredith W. Reiches.
29 Add to calendar Sexual Orientation Disparities in Adult Male Stature Are Not Due to Prenatal Androgen Exposure: Evidence from the Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey. James K. Gibb, Thomas W. McDade, Michael A. Schillaci.
30 Add to calendar Testing for paternal influences on offspring telomere length in a human cohort in the Philippines. Dan T.A. Eisenberg, Peter H. Rej, Paulita Duazo, Delia Carba, M. Geoffrey Hayes, Christopher W. Kuzawa.
31 Add to calendar Infant mortality risk associated with decreased male commitment and shorter interbirth intervals among American births. Kermyt G. Anderson.
32 Add to calendar Seasonal workload, reproductive effort, and testosterone levels among Qom men. Louis C. Alvarado, Peter T. Ellison, Caitlin Lewarch, Claudia R. Valeggia.
33 Add to calendar Day of menstrual cycle does not have a significant effect on urinary cortisol levels in a sample of Polish American women. Meredith A. Wilson, Katharine NM. Lee, Mary P. Rogers, Kathryn BH. Clancy.
34 Add to calendar Does the sex difference in upper body strength explain the sex difference in depression?. Caroline B. Smith, Edward H. Hagen.
35 Add to calendar Sexual selection, signaling and facial hair: US and India ratings of variable male facial hair. Peter B. Gray, Lyndsey K. Craig, Jorge Paiz-Say, Lavika P, Sanjitha Kumar, Madhavi Rangaswamy.
36 Add to calendar Mental Health is Biological Health; why tackling 'diseases of the mind' is an imperative for biological anthropology in the 21st century. Kristen L. Syme, Edward H. Hagen.
37 Add to calendar Cultural Change, Stress, and Mental Health in Palau, Micronesa. Roger Sullivan.
38 Add to calendar Heightened AMC is not correlated to self-reported maternal stress in a WEIRD sample in Tucson, AZ. Britt Singletary.
39 Add to calendar How positive and negative social experiences vary with cortisol concentration in women of color scientists. Michelle A. Rodrigues, Mariel Galvan, Denise Herrera, Bryana Rivera, Rachel Neubauer, Fatimata Soumare, Ifeoluwa Atunnise, Ruby Mendenhall, Elizabeth A.L. Stine-Morrow, Kathryn B.H. Clancy.
40 Add to calendar Religious fasting: an adaptive response to resource scarcity or pathogen threat?. Caitlyn Placek.
41 Add to calendar Variation in Mindreading "On the Ground": Comparing Patterns of Mental State Talk in Two Societies. Andrew M. Smith, H. Clark Barrett, Erica A. Cartmill.
42 Add to calendar Suicidal Thoughts and Suicide Attempts in Depressed Older Adults Globally. Tyra R. Judge, Alicia M. DeLouize, Paul Kowal, Nirmala Naidoo, Somnath Chatterji, J. Josh Snodgrass.
43 Add to calendar Serum inflammation in Guamanian Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Parkinsonism Dementia:  A nested case-control pilot study. Risana N. Chowdhury, Erin Culver, Umer Wattoo, Farrah Margolin, Thu Nguyen, Ralph M. Garruto, Katherine Wander, Koji Lum.
44 Add to calendar Alzheimer’s disease symptoms: A comparison of the United States and Mexico. Eric E. Griffith.
45 Add to calendar Age-related and culturally specific causes of depression underdiagnosis among older adults: Results from the Study on global AGEing and adult health. Joan Hicks, Alicia M. DeLouize, J. Josh Snodgrass.
46 Add to calendar Cross-cultural associations between gendered perceptions of happiness and leisure time parity among older adults. Theresa E. Gildner.
47 Add to calendar Is depression an evolved costly signal of need?. Michael Gaffney, Edward H. Hagen.
48 Add to calendar Beyond Mickey Mouse: Perpetuating Cartoon Paedomorphosis. Michael P. Masters.
49 Add to calendar It’s Lit: Campfire Relaxation as a Preadaptation for Television Viewing. Alex Sents, Emi Smith, Christopher Lynn.
50 Add to calendar Tool specialization in human cultures: modeling the effects of demography and environmental change on cultural repertoire size. Sarah Saxton Strassberg, Oren Kolodny, Nicole Creanza.
51 Add to calendar The potential of semantic research data modeling in biological anthropology. Felix Engel, Stefan Schlager.
52 Add to calendar Does variation in female reproductive status explain variation in female smoking? Evidence from cross national and longitudinal studies in low- and middle-income countries. Edward H. Hagen, Tiffany Alvarez, Dan T. A. Eisenberg.
53 Add to calendar Variation in health-protective sexual behavior may be influenced by individual differences in self-perceived health, immunity, and disgust: A cross-cultural examination. Jessica K. Hlay, Graham Albert, Carlota Batres, Stevan A. Amocky, Carolyn R. Hodges-Simeon.
54 Add to calendar Ethnicity, fertility, and tobacco use: a biocultural test of the fetal protection model of female smoking. Tiffany A. Alvarez, Edward H. Hagen.
55 Add to calendar Impact of environmental tobacco smoke on immune function in urban Missouri children with elevated blood lead levels. Megan E. Duncanson, Rachel E. Neal, Lindsey A. Wood, Bethany Johnson, Blake Manion, Terry J. Wilson, Paula M. Lutz.
56 Add to calendar Knee osteoarthritis susceptibility among non-industrial societies undergoing rapid lifestyle changes. Ian J. Wallace, David T. Felson, Steven Worthington, Jeffrey Duryea, Margaret Clancy, Piran Aliabadi, Geeta N. Eick, Josh Snodgrass, Aaron L. Baggish, Daniel E. Lieberman.