The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 7. Genomic Insights into Nonhuman Primate Behavior, Biology, and Evolution (Joint AAAG-AAPA Symposium). Invited Podium Symposium. Chair: Timothy H. Webster Co-organizers: Timothy H Webster, University of Utah

April 16, 2020 8 a.m. - noon, Diamond 4 Add to calendar

The incorporation of PCR and noninvasive genetic methods into nonhuman primate studies approximately 25 years ago revolutionized our understanding of primate evolutionary ecology. The past decade has seen a second enormous leap in genetic methods, as advances in next-generation sequencing technology and bioinformatic methods have paved the way for the generation and analysis of data from across the entire genome. These data have the potential to unlock answers to an entirely new body of questions in primatology. This AAAG-AAPA joint symposium highlights the range of novel insights into primate biology, behavior, and evolution that can be gained with large genomic datasets. Speakers will present work leveraging a variety of data types—nuclear genomes, exomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes, and microbiomes—to address topics central to primatology. These range from development and aging, stress, and heath within individuals over the life course, to introgression, demography, and adaptation within and among populations and species over time. Talks emphasize both the active role of the genome in shaping biology and also how biology shapes the genome, leaving signals that can be used to reconstruct processes operating in the past. Further, all presenters are pre-tenure, early career researchers; a central goal of this symposium will be to highlight the world of possibility for these techniques and catalyze a new wave of primatological genomic research.

8:00AM Add to calendar Pedigree sequencing shows that life history plays a major role in mutation rate variation in primates. Gregg W.C. Thomas, Richard J. Wang, R. Alan Harris, Muthuswamy Raveendran, Jeffrey Rogers, Matthew W. Hahn.
8:15AM Add to calendar Understanding evolutionary changes in gene expression through the development of a comparative primate skeletal cell culture model. Genevieve Housman, Yoav Gilad.
8:30AM Add to calendar Mosaic X Chromosome Inactivation in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta). Timothy H. Webster, Tanya N. Phung, Michael J. Montague, Olga Gonzalez, Samuel Bauman, Michala Stock, Catalina Villamil, Melween Martinez, James P. Higham, Noah Snyder-Mackler, Michael L. Platt, Melissa A. Wilson.
8:45AM Add to calendar Signatures of Development in the Gastrointestinal Microbiome of Wild Savanna Monkeys. Alicia M. Rich, Sankwetea Prudent Mokgokong, Maryjka B. Blaszczyk, Desiré L. Dalton, Katherine R. Amato, Christopher A. Schmitt.
9:00AM Add to calendar Parallel gene regulatory signatures of social stress and aging in rhesus macaques. Noah D. Simons, Paul L. Maurizio, Joao Batista, Vasiliki Michopoulos, Luis B. Barreiro, Jenny Tung.
9:15AM Add to calendar The rhesus macaque brain cell census reveals heterogeneity in aging across cell types. Kenneth L. Chiou, Alex R. DeCasien, Michael J. Montague, Samuel E. Bauman, Nicole R. Compo, Olga González, Hannah A. Pliner, Cailyn H. Spurrell, Lea M. Starita, Lauren J. N. Brent, James P. Higham, Melween I. Martinez, Jay Shendure, Michael L. Platt, Noah Snyder-Mackler.
9:30AM Add to calendar Recent selective sweeps in bonobos (Pan paniscus): A machine learning approach. Colin M. Brand, Timothy H. Webster, Frances J. White, Nelson Ting.
9:45AM Add to calendar Pervasive genomic evidence for adaptation to a leaf-based diet in sifakas (genus Propithecus). Elaine E. Guevara, Timothy H. Webster, Richard R. Lawler, Brenda J. Bradley, Jeannin Ranaivonasy, Joelisoa Ratsirarson, R. Alan Harris, Yue Liu, S.c. Murali, M Raveendran, Daniel S.T. Hughes, Donna M. Muzny, Anne D. Yoder, Kim C. Worley, Jeffrey Rogers.
10:00AM Break
10:30AM Add to calendar Signatures of adaptive evolution in Neotropical primate genomes with a focus on capuchin monkeys. Hazel Byrne, Patricia Izar, Jessica W. Lynch.
10:45AM Add to calendar Genomics of adaptation, convergence, and evolutionary conservation in haplorrhine primates. Christina M. Bergey, Amber E. Trujillo, Todd R. Disotell, Anthony J. Tosi, Andrew S. Burrell.
11:00AM Add to calendar Mapping putative genetic barriers to gene flow in hybrid baboons. Arielle S. Fogel, Tauras P. Vilgalys, Sang yoon Kim, Jeanne Altmann, Susan C. Alberts, Jenny Tung.
11:15AM Add to calendar The Effects of Host Taxon, Hybridization, and Environment on the Gut Microbiome of Callithrix Marmosets. Joanna Malukiewicz, Reed A. Cartwright, Jorge A. Dergam, Claudia S. Igayara, Sharon Kessler, Silvia B. Moreira, Leanne T. Nash, Patricia A. Nicola, Luiz CM. Pereira, Alcides Pissinati, Carlos R. Ruiz-Miranda, Andrew T. Ozga, Christian Roos, Daniel L. Silva, Anne C. Stone, Adriana D. Grativol.
11:30AM Add to calendar Expressing the Thrifty Phenotype? Associations between Lifelong Growth Trajectories and Whole Genome Expression Variation in Captive Baboons (Papio hamadryas). Christopher A. Schmitt, Ellen E. Quillen.
11:45AM Discussants: Jenny Tung & Timothy Webster