The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 10. Bioarchaeology: Health, Disease, and Trauma. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Lori Tremblay

April 16, 2020 8 a.m. - noon, Diamond 5 Add to calendar
8:00AM Add to calendar Taphonomy or targeting? Re-examining trauma patterns in skeletons from medieval European battlefields. Russell T. Hogg.
8:15AM Add to calendar Troubles in Tuva: demographic patterns of interpersonal violence in a Late Antique nomadic community from Southern Siberia (2nd-4th c. AD). Marco Milella, Gino Caspari, Yulija Kapinus, Jegor Blochin, Timur Sadykov, Sandra Lösch.
8:30AM Add to calendar Reinterpreting Human Sacrifice in Ancient Egypt: New Conclusions from Old Data. Roselyn A. Campbell.
8:45AM Add to calendar Subadult Human Sacrifice in Maya Caves: Reformulating the Emphasis of Maya Sacrificial Practices. Michael G. Prout.
9:00AM Add to calendar Mortuary Practices, Body Modification and Identity in the Western Maya Borderlands: Evidence from Late-Terminal Classic (AD 600-1000) Cemeteries at Comalcalco, Tabasco, Mexico. Stanley Serafin, Ricardo Armijo Torres, Miriam Judith Gallegos Gómora.
9:15AM Withdrawn
9:30AM Add to calendar Activity patterns in an early medieval German community: the association of degenerative joint disease and traumatic injury. Leslie Lea. Williams, Kendra S. Weinrich.
9:45AM Add to calendar Local Practice Between Empires:  Physical Activity and Osseous Response in Colonial Mexico. Edgar Alarcón Tinajero, Jorge A. Gómez-Valdés.
10:00AM Break
10:30AM Add to calendar Sexual division of labor in a Celtic population from Northern Italy: patterns of entheseal changes and long bone shape and robusticity from Seminario Vescovile (Verona, 3rd-1st c BC). Zita Laffranchi, Drosia Charisi, Sylvia Jiménez Brobeil, Marco Milella.
10:45AM Add to calendar The Aquatic Neolithic: isotope, aDNA, radiocarbon, and osteological data analysis reveal asynchronous behavior in early prehistoric human societies of Ukraine. Chelsea Budd, Inna Potekhina, Christophe Snoeck, Malcolm Lillie.
11:00AM Add to calendar Social stratification and its differential experience at Middle Kingdom (2050-1650 B.C.) sites in Egypt. Alyson C. Caine.
11:15AM Add to calendar Bioarchaeological analysis of Late Neolithic inhumations from a dolmen in Switzerland. Sandra Lösch, Inga Siebke, Anja Furtwängler, Noah Steuri, Albert Hafner, Marianne Ramstein, Johannes Krause.
11:30AM Add to calendar Human health and adaptation along Silk Roads- a bioarchaeological investigation of Medieval Uzbek cemeteries. Rebecca L. Kinaston, Ladislav Damasek, Robyn Kramer, Jan Kysela, Anna Augustinová, Marketa Smolkova, Daniel Pilar.
11:45AM Add to calendar Life histories in the study of ancient rare diseases. Aviva A. Cormier, Jane E. Buikstra, Amanda Wissler.