The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 13. Shaping the Human Skeleton: Integrating the Various Approaches to Human Skeletal Variation and Evolution. Invited Poster Symposium. Chair: Marianne F. Brasil Co-organizers: Cat E. Taylor, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley

April 16, 2020 8 a.m. - noon, Diamond 6 Add to calendar

Human skeletal morphology results from a complex interplay of forces. Addressing how anatomy varies and evolves is a multifaceted problem, and benefits from the integration of diverse approaches. This symposium is aimed at stimulating discussion among and between specialists from different sub-disciplines within biological anthropology. Seven broad research areas are included. In order to explore the factors that produce and influence variation in the human skeleton, we include experts on population history, behavior, sex and gender, development, and evolvability. Several presentations dive into how the skeleton actually did evolve, presenting evidence preserved in the Pleistocene and Pliocene fossil records.

Discussant: Benjamin M. Auerbach
Discussant: Libby W. Cowgill
1 Add to calendar Disentangling the effects of population history on modern human cranial variation. Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel, Mark Hubbe.
2 Add to calendar Beyond Distance Alone: Testing the Efficacy of Skeletal Biological Methods in Capturing Population Gene Flow. Angela M. Mallard, Benjamin M. Auerbach.
3 Add to calendar Population history and the evolution of human variation. Kristen R. R. Savell, Charles C. Roseman.
4 Add to calendar Extending our understanding of human long bone mechanobiology through life history theory. Alison A. Murray, Jonathan CK. Wells, Jay T. Stock.
5 Add to calendar Variation in cortical and trabecular bone structure in relation to subsistence strategy in a diverse sample of modern humans. Timothy M. Ryan, Lily J. DeMars, Nicholas B. Stephens, Kara Peters, Jaap P. P. Saers, Mark R. Dowdeswell, Tea Jashashvili, Kristian J. Carlson, Jay T. Stock, Adam D. Gordon.
6 Add to calendar Beyond sex and gender: Human pelvic morphology from an integrative context. Cara M. Wall-Scheffler, Helen K. Kurki.
7 Add to calendar Beyond dimorphism: sexual polymorphism and human skeletal variation. Claudia M. Astorino.
8 Add to calendar Phenotypic covariance in modern human limbs. Catherine E. Taylor, Marianne F. Brasil.
9 Add to calendar Dietary modification of insulin receptor abundance in the growth plate. Victoria A. Tobolsky, Judith Hollander, Terrence Capellini, Li Zeng, Daniel E. Lieberman.
10 Add to calendar The developmental basis for variation in the human shoulder. Nathan M. Young, Neil T. Roach, Terence D. Capellini.
11 Add to calendar Using normal variation in mouse ossification to identify genes underlying growth plate formation. Philip L. Reno, Catherine Roberts, Emily K. Schuetz, Kelsey M. Kjosness, Douglas B. Menke.
12 Add to calendar Morphological integration and evolutionary potential of the shoulder girdle in humans and non-human primates. Elizabeth R. Agosto.
13 Add to calendar WITHDRAWN Virtual reconstruction and description of the lower face and dentition of StW 498 Рa Sterkfontein Australopithecus. Shani Reddy, Ronald J. Clarke, Kristian J. Carlson, Jos̩ Braga, Dominic J. Stratford.
14 Add to calendar Which evolutionary processes produced cranial differences between Neandertals and Upper Paleolithic or more recent humans?. Timothy D. Weaver, Philipp Gunz, Sarah E. Freidline.
15 Add to calendar Teasing apart function and phylogeny in the human upper limb. Osbjorn M. Pearson, Ethan C. Hill.
16 Add to calendar Early Homo sapiens postcranial fossils from Middle Awash, Ethiopia. Marianne F. Brasil.