The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 17. Human Biology: DOHaD and Epigenetics. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Meredith Reiches

April 16, 2020 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., Diamond 3 Add to calendar
2:30PM Add to calendar DNA methylation patterns in children maternally exposed to extreme drought. Bilinda Straight, Georgiana Fisher, Belinda Needham, Jaeseong Hwang, Charles E. Hilton, Charles Owour Olungah, Amy Naugle, Stephanie M. Haft, Caroline S. Kelempu, Saman Leseela, Daniel Leseela, Celina Jeska.
2:45PM Add to calendar Developmental exposure to high altitude enhances aerobic capacity in hypoxia. Taylor S. Harman, Abigail W. Bigham, Melisa Kiyamu, Gianpietro E. Revolledo, Tom D. Brutsaert.
3:00PM Add to calendar Reproductive status predicts oxidative stress profiles in young women. Amelia Sancilio, William Funk, Nathan Montgomery, Christopher Kuzawa.
3:15PM Add to calendar Follow my lead: energy expenditures in utero resemble maternal allometry in humans and chimpanzees. Rebecca Rimbach, Herman Pontzer.
3:30PM Add to calendar Sexual dimorphism in the chimpanzee pelvis: Implications for understanding human pelvic evolution. Nicole D.S. Grunstra, Eva Zaffarini, Barbara Fischer, Philipp Mitteroecker.
3:45PM Add to calendar Are there any reliable biomarkers of early fetal development in humans?. Grazyna Jasienska, Magdalena Klimek, Andrzej Galbarczyk, Ilona Nenko.
4:00PM Add to calendar Double jeopardy: mental and physical health outcomes of exposure to genocidal rape versus genocide alone among Rwandan adults conceived during the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. Glorieuse Uwizeye, Chang Park, Thomas W. McDade, Julienne N. Rutherford.
4:15PM Add to calendar History of being breastfed predicts decreased maternal-origin microchimerism in young women. Tiffany D. Pan, Sami B. Kanaan, Nanette R. Lee, Josephine L. Avila, J Lee. Nelson, Dan TA. Eisenberg.
4:30PM Add to calendar Accelerated epigenetic ageing and altered stability of DNA methylation detected in adult British-Bangladeshi women exposed to elevated infectious disease loads in childhood. Reinhard Stöger, Gregory Leeman, Minseung Choi, Richard D. Emes, Khurshida Begum, Philippa Melamed, Gillian R. Bentley.
4:45PM Add to calendar Longitudinal epigenome-wide association study of immigrant-related stress and resilience in children of Latinx immigrants in the US. Amy L. Non, Elizabeth S. Clausing, Alexandra M. Binder.
5:00PM Add to calendar Objective and subjective measures of stress in Latinx immigrants before and after the 2016 presidential election: hair cortisol, epigenetics, and mental health. Elizabeth S. Clausing, Kimberly D'Anna-Hernandez, Amy L. Non.
5:15PM Add to calendar Gut Function, Immune Function Tradeoffs, and Infant Growth among High Altitude Andeans. Morgan K. Hoke, Kimberly M. McCabe.