The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 49. Population History. Contributed Posters. Chair: Christopher Schmitt

April 18, 2020 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Platinum Ballroom Add to calendar
8:00AM Poster setup
9:00AM Poster session opens
1:00PM Odd number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
5:00PM Even number presenters stand by their posters (1 hour)
6:00PM Poster removal
1 Add to calendar Identification of disease at Verteba Cave, Ukraine. Tre Blohm, Jordan Karsten, Meradeth Snow.
2 Add to calendar Investigating population genomic continuity between the fifth and sixth century. Deven N. Vyas, Alessandra Modi, Stefania Vai, István Koncz, Walter Pohl, Luisella P. Baricco, Elena Bedini, Caterina Giostra, Tivadar Vida, Balázs G. Mende, David Caramelli, Johannes Krause, Patrick J. Geary, Krishna R. Veeramah.
3 Add to calendar Molecular archaeological methods to explore the traces of Akhal-Teke in China. Siqi Zhu.
4 Add to calendar Genetic affinities of pre-Columbian Mayas from Xcaret, Mexico. Viridiana Villa-Islas, Miriam Bravo-López, Angélica González-Oliver, Ernesto Garfias-Morales, María C Ávila-Arcos.
5 Add to calendar Ancient DNA reveals two paternal Hg C2 lineages in the old nomadic people distributed on the Mongolian Plateau. Jiawei Li, Dawei Cai, Ye Zhang, Hong Zhu, Hui Zhou.
6 Add to calendar Characterizing migration waves into Chilean Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego using ancient DNA. Christina M. Balentine, Miguel Vilar, Flavia Morello, Manuel San Román, Lauren C. Springs, Samantha M. Archer, Jaime Mata-Míguez, Rick W A. Smith, Natalie Wing, Marta Alfonso-Durruty, Deborah A. Bolnick.
7 Add to calendar Ancient Human DNA Recovered From Promontory Caves Cordage. Nasreen Z. Broomandkhoshbacht, Heather J. Milne, John W. Ives, Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Beth Shapiro.
8 Add to calendar Mitogenome analysis of the elite individuals interred in the House of the Dead complex at Paquimé (Casas Grandes), Mexico. Rachel Summers-Wilson MA, Dr. Meradeth Snow, Dr. Michael Searcy.
9 Add to calendar Using aDNA and Archaeological Data to Explain Migration in the Casas Grandes Region of Northern Mexico. Meradeth Snow.
10 Add to calendar Ancient Genetic Analysis of a North Alaskan Birnirk Inuit Population. Sarah L. Unkel, Lauren E.Y. Norman, Justin Tackney, Anne Jensen, Claire Alix, Owen Mason, Dennis H. O'Rourke.
11 Add to calendar Assessing matrilineal genetic diversity in Mexico through the analysis of ancient mitogenomes spanning 2,300 – 500 YBP. Alan Izarraras-Gomez, Viridiana Villa-Islas, Miriam Bravo-López, Marcela Sandoval-Velasco, Elizabeth M. Pérez-Campos, Alberto Herrera-Muñoz, Eugenia Villanueva-Medina, Ramiro Aguayo-Haro, Cristina Valdiosera, Maria C. Ávila-Arcos.
12 Add to calendar Paleogenomic Reconstruction of Diet and Oral Health in Pre and Post-contact individuals from Mexico. Miriam J. Bravo-lopez, Carolina Rocha-arriaga, Julia Perez-perez, Joel Hernández-olvera, Keitlyn Alcantara-russel, Viridiana Villa-islas, Axel Solís-guzmán, María C. Ávila-arcos.
13 Add to calendar Ethno-geographic origins and genomic diversity of Afro-descendants in colonial Mexico City. Julie K. Wesp, Marcela Sandoval-Velasco, María Ávila-Arcos.
14 Add to calendar Indigenous American and African Interaction in Puerto Rico, A Comparative Analysis. Elsa M. Mueller, Lijuan Chen, Jada Benn Torres.
15 Add to calendar Genetic analysis of the South American Macushi population. Kate L. DeRosa, Cassandra A. Koch, D. Andrew Merriwether.
16 Add to calendar Whole mitochondrial sequences reveal substantial heterogeneity within African descendants in the Caribbean. Taiye Winful, MA, Lijuan Chen, MA, Jada Benn Torres, PhD.
17 Add to calendar Genetic portrait of North-West Indian population based on Autosomal and X-chromosomal Alu insertion markers. Gagandeep Singh, Harkirat Singh. Sandhu, Indu Talwar, A.j.s Bhanwer.
18 Add to calendar Genetic diversity among indigenous South American populations reflects demographic history and environmental adaptations. Catalina I. Fernández, Constanza de La Fuente.