The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 58. Bioarchaeology: Isotopic Studies of Diet and Identity. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Andrea Waters-Rist

April 18, 2020 8 a.m. - noon, Diamond 8-9 Add to calendar
8:00AM Add to calendar Saving Bones: a direct comparison of FTIR-ATR, whole bone percent nitrogen, and NIR. Christina M. Ryder, Matthew Sponheimer, Hussein Shokry, Ignacio A. Lazagabaster, Nimrod Marom, Gilliane F. Monnier, Matthew J. Collins, Thibaut Devièse, Thomas HIgham.
8:15AM Add to calendar New insight into the corpse handling during cremation. Contribution of experimental archaeology and biogeochemical analyses on burnt bones. Kevin Salesse, Christophe Snoeck, Ioannis Kontopoulos, Elisavet Stamataki, Giacomo Capuzzo, Amanda Sengeløv, Mathieu Boudin, Marta Hlad, Rica Annaert, Sarah Dalle, Guy De Mulder, Charlotte Sabaux, Dries Tys, Barbara Veselka, Eugène Warmenbol, Martine Vercauteren.
8:30AM Add to calendar Strontium analyses (87Sr/86Sr, [Sr]) reveals non-local origin of humans with intentionally modified crania in Mtskheta, Georgia in the 4th- 7th centuries AD. Natalie Langowski, Roland Maas, Varsha Pilbrow.
8:45AM Add to calendar A modern take on ancient goat herding: comparing the sustainable grazing practices of today to the biochemical results of Greek husbandry in antiquity. Katherine G. Bishop, Sandra Garvie-Lok, Margriet Haagsma, Sophia Karapanou.
9:00AM Add to calendar Childhood and Change: An Evaluation of the Consequences of Climate and Culture Change on Diet and Health. Nichole A. Fournier, Shannon Tushingham, Erin Thornton, Cara Monroe, Alan Leventhal, Norma Sanchez.
9:15AM Add to calendar The Diet and the Menu: Temporal and Regional Variation in Human Paleodiet in the Prehistoric San Francisco Bay Area. Eric J. Bartelink, Melanie M. Beasley.
9:30AM Add to calendar Stable isotope analysis of dental calculus and dietary change in the North Carolina Piedmont, AD 800 – 1710. Sophia C. Dent, Dale L. Hutchinson, Matthew A. Fort, Kristin M. Hedman, Stanley H. Ambrose.
9:45AM Add to calendar Innovation or continuation? Development of wet-rice agriculture in Prehistoric Northeast Thailand. Jessica Schalburg-Clayton, Charlotte King, Hallie Buckley, Siân Halcrow, Charles Higham, Louise Shewan, Christina Stantis, Dougald O’Reilly, Kate Domett, Jana Zech, Patrick Roberts.
10:00AM Break
10:30AM Add to calendar Bioarchaeological insight into subsistence of Alborz highlanders, northern Iran, during the Parthian period (c. 200 BCE – 226 CE). Arkadiusz Sołtysiak.
10:45AM Add to calendar Life Course Perspective of the Elite Burials of Early Bronze Age Umm el-Marra, Syria. Chris Stantis, Glenn M. Schwartz, Geoffrey Nowell, Ernest K. Batey, Nina Maaranen, Holger Schutkowski.
11:00AM Add to calendar Marching on their Stomachs: Reconstructing Dietary Life Histories of Napoleonic Soldiers through Stable Isotope Analysis. Sammantha Holder, Laurie J. Reitsema, Tosha L. Dupras, Rimantas Jankauskas, Katey Mari.
11:15AM Add to calendar Leprosy in Medieval Denmark: a multi-tissue and multi-isotopic approach to investigate life histories. Anastasia Brozou, Benjamin T. Fuller, Vaughan Grimes, Geert Van Biesen, Niels Lynnerup, Jesper L. Boldsen, Marie Louise Jørkov, Dorthe Dangvard Pedersen, Jesper Olsen, Marcello A. Mannino.
11:30AM Add to calendar Living in Dust and Smog: Identity, Inequality, and Pollutant Exposure during England’s Industrial Revolution. Sara A. McGuire, Ali Pourmand, William J. Pestle.
11:45AM Add to calendar Strontium Isotope Testing of Deciduous Molars from Maya Sacrificial Victims. Amy Chan.