The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 64. Primate Diet and Foraging. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Andrew Zamora

April 18, 2020 2 p.m. - 5 p.m., Diamond 3 Add to calendar
2:00PM Add to calendar Validation of a method for quantifying urinary C-peptide in platyrrhines. Alexandra J. Sacco, Michael C. Granatosky, Laura Abondano, Myra F. Laird, Krista M. Milich.
2:15PM Add to calendar The Influence of Fruit Availability on Energy Allocation in Infant and Juvenile Bornean Orangutans. Erin E. Kane, Tri Wahyu Susanto, Cheryl D. Knott.
2:30PM Add to calendar Wild Bornean Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii) Navigate to Non-Fruit Foods. Andrea L. DiGiorgio, TriWahyu Susanto, Cheryl D. Knott.
2:45PM Add to calendar Nitrogen Isotopes of Serially Sampled Nails From Chimpanzees and Baboons at Gombe National Park, Tanzania. Rebecca S. Nockerts, Michael L. Wilson, David L. Fox, Robert C. O'Malley, D. Anthony Collins, Ian C. Gilby, Anne E. Pusey.
3:00PM Add to calendar Dietary isotopic (δ13C, δ15N) values of muscle tissue from Cayo Santiago macaques sampled before and after Hurricane Maria. Eva M. Mann, Alex DeCasien, Michael L. Platt, Michael G. Montague, Susan Antón, Rhonda L. Quinn, James Higham.
3:15PM Add to calendar Folivore rules and frugivore rules: Variation in diet and food chemistry in sympatric frugivorous and folivorous lemurs. Mitchell T. Irwin, Vololonirina Rahalinarivo, Jean-Luc Raharison, Bruno Ramorasata, Jean-Freddy Ranaivoarisoa, Jeannot Randrianasy, Jessica M. Rothman.
3:30PM Add to calendar Arthropod consumption in lemurs: an exploratory analysis using DNA metabarcoding. Amanda K. Rowe, Mariah E. Donohue, Elizabeth L. Clare, Rosie Drinkwater, Andreas Koenig, Zachary M. Ridgway, Luke D. Martin, Eva S. Nomenjanahary, Francois Zakamanana, Lovasoa J. Randriamanandaza, Thierry E. Rakotonirina, Patricia C. Wright.
3:45PM Add to calendar The relationship between tree-fall canopy gaps, tree phenology, diet, and lemur behavior in Masoala National Park, Madagascar. Monica Mogilewsky, Natalie Vasey, Antonin Andriamahaihavana, Zafimahery Rakotomalala.
4:00PM Add to calendar Dietary intake and digestibility of frugivorous and insectivorous diets in captive Otolemur garnettii. B. Katherine Smith, Sydnie Bianchi, Mead Krowka, James E. Loudon, Andres M. Gomez, Oliver C.C. Paine, Matt Sponheimer.
4:15PM Add to calendar Fecal nutritional values of captive Otolemur garnettii reflect dietary shifts from frugivorous to insectivorous diets. James E. Loudon, B. Katherine Smith, Sydnie Bianchi, Mead A. Krowka, Andres M. Gomez, Oliver C.C. Paine, Matt Sponheimer.
4:30PM Add to calendar Extrinsic and intrinsic effects on nutritional strategy in redtail monkeys (Cercopithecus ascanius). Margaret A H. Bryer, Jessica M. Rothman.
4:45PM Add to calendar Dietary ethanol in the main food (Ficus mucuso) of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in a tropical rain forest. Aleksey E. Maro, Aaron A. Sandel, John C. Mitani, Robert Dudley.