The 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (2020)

Session 66. Forensic Anthropology: Methods and Approaches. Contributed Podium Presentations. Chair: Allison Foley

April 18, 2020 2 p.m. - 5 p.m., Diamond 8-9 Add to calendar
2:00PM Add to calendar DNA methylation-based forensic age estimation in human bone. Shyamalika Gopalan, Jonathan Gaige, Brenna M. Henn.
2:15PM Add to calendar Reference sample mean age at transition is strongly influenced by sample size. Valerie Sgheiza, Helen M. Liversidge.
2:30PM Add to calendar Characterizing DNA Degradation in Severely Burned Human Skeletal Remains using STR Genotyping and NGS Targeted Capture Techniques. Matthew V. Emery, Katelyn L. Bolhofner, Stevie Winingear, Robert Oldt, Sreetharan Kanthaswamy, Jane E. Buikstra, Laura Fulginiti, Anne C. Stone.
2:45PM Add to calendar Detection of early postmortem changes in burnt bones through histotaphonomical analysis. Emese I. Vegh, Andrea Czermak, Nicholas Marquez-Grant, Rick J. Schulting.
3:00PM Add to calendar The Application of 3D Geometric Morphometrics to Subadult Dentition: Exploring Tooth Development and Eruption Through Alternative Methods. Laura E. Cirillo, Kyra E. Stull.
3:15PM Add to calendar The Relationship Between Soft Tissue Anatomy and Skeletal Sexual Dimorphism in the Cranium and Clavicle. Jade S. De La Paz, Stephanie Woodley, Nawaporn Techataweewan, Hallie Buckley, Siân Halcrow.
3:30PM Add to calendar Allometry used for the osteometric sorting of multiple long bones simultaneously. Amanda B. Lee, Lyle W. Konigsberg.
3:45PM Add to calendar Dietary isotopic analysis as an investigative tool for identifying unknown human remains in New York City. Helen S. Alesbury, Rhonda Quinn, Ligia Ceja, Angela Soler, Alexandr Trifonov, Linda Godfrey.
4:00PM Add to calendar Identification of skeletal remains using vertebral body osteophytes. Marianna Cervantes.
4:15PM Add to calendar Reliability of facial identification methods in optimal photographs and suboptimal CCTV footage. Nicholas Bacci, Maryna Steyn, Nanette Briers.
4:30PM Add to calendar The bioanthropological role in investigations of genocide. Lucia M.M.K. Elgerud.
4:45PM Add to calendar An Investigation of the Inter and Intra Post Mortem Microstructural Change Seen in an Experimental Series of Pigs Exposed to a Marine Environment. Haley P. Goren, Lynne S. Bell.